Should I Update My Toy Insurance If I Add Parts or Update My RV?

If your RV is totaled or stolen, your insurance policy should pay out the current value of your RV. However, if you have added parts or updated the RV, the insurance company may not know the right value of the RV. As such, one of the questions that we at Fuhriman Insurance Agency, serving the greater Boise, ID area, are often asked, is whether someone should update their toy insurance policy if they add parts or renovate an RV, and if so, how should they do that. Here is some information you need to know. 

If you have renovated your current RV or have added on parts that have increased the value, you will want to call your insurance company. If you added on parts, you may need to add those parts to the policy to ensure they are covered. If they are not added to the policy, they may not be covered against theft or damage. If you have updated or renovated your RV, an appraiser may need to inspect your RV and assess its new value. Either way, the insurance company will let you know what you need to do to get these items covered and ensure your RV and all of its parts, are fully covered under your insurance policy. 

If your current toy insurance policy needs to be updated, or you are in the market for a new one in the greater Boise, ID area, contact the Fuhriman Insurance Agency. We can help you put together a policy that best protects all of your toys and RV. Call us today to get started.