Who Needs Commercial Insurance

Most consumers are very aware of their need to carry a range of personal insurance policies including home, auto, and life. However, many small business owners underestimate the need to carry insurance for their business. There are many reasons why most businesses should carry a quality commercial insurance policy.

Business that Owns Property

Any business that owns real estate or any personal property will definitely benefit by having commercial insurance. Commercial insurance policies will typically include property insurance that will cover both the property and any business items that are stored inside. Beyond having the protection that it provides, having commercial property insurance will also likely be a requirement of any bank that provides mortgage on the property.  

Those with Liability Concerns

If your business operates in an industry that is prone to liability lawsuits having a commercial insurance policy will be a practical necessity. Commercial insurance policies will typically include a separate liability insurance policy that will provide you with a certain level of liability protection. While any business would benefit from having it, liability insurance coverage is particularly important for any business that operates in an industry that is known to be litigious.

Business Interruption

Any business that is concerned about how a disruption in their business could affect their cash flow would also benefit from a commercial insurance policy. For example, if your real estate being damaged affects your ability to operate, you could lose a lot of money. Fortunately, those that get a commercial insurance policy with business interruption insurance will receive a certain amount of cash flow to cover the business expenses during the period of interruption.

If you are considering getting a new commercial insurance policy, it would be a good idea to contact the Fuhriman Insurance Agency immediately. The Fuhriman Insurance Agency is a leading Boise, ID insurance agency. The Boise ID agency will be able to help you get an insurance policy that meets the needs of your business. 



Young and Single – Why Life Insurance Now?

There is an interesting aspect of life insurance coverage in Boise, ID that many people don’t take advantage of when they can. Buying a policy when young and healthy is always going to be far less costly then when older. It’s based on a very simple principle that, according to the Fuhriman Insurance Agency, risk goes up the older one gets. So, a 40-year-old buying a term life policy is never going to be able to get the same coverage pricing as a 21-year-old. However, many folks think they should only be considering life insurance once they are seriously involved or married or raising kids; the logic is stuck on the idea someone already has to be around aside from the insured to make the policy worthwhile. In fact, by purchasing a policy when young, a customer locks in one of the best coverage pricing points possible. And since term life insurance can be maintained on single term policies for up to 30 years at a time, it starts to make real sense when one does the numbers with a lower price point versus starting later at a higher premium price level when older. And this same benefit applies on life insurance whether a customer is in Boise, ID or anywhere else in the U.S.

So if you’re thinking there’s no real reason for you to have life insurance because of being single and young, think again. Securing a policy now through a reputable insurance broker like the folks at Fuhriman Insurance Agency could provide a huge cost advantage versus later on when risks are naturally higher. Don’t get caught up in mistaken assumptions. Call the Fuhriman Insurance Agency staff to day to find out what a simple term life policy can do for you in the long term.