What Commercial Insurance Actually Covers in Boise

For many industries in Idaho, you are required to maintain commercial insurance in order to do business legally. These businesses include transportation, textiles, manufacturing and even different forms of consultation.

In order to remain in compliance with state law, you should be aware of the different kinds of commercial insurance that you can obtain in Boise. Here we will go through a short list of the commercial insurance types that you may need to consider.

  • Bodily injury liability – If anyone is hurt during the practice of your business, insurance will cover their medical expenses.
  • Medical payments – If there are any medical expenses that you incur during an accident on the job, you will need this kind of insurance to cover gaps in your personal medical policy.
  • Personal injury protection coverage – You need a separate type of insurance coverage for the personal injuries that you incur on the job.
  • Comprehensive coverage – This type of coverage gives you protection against many of the most common types of accidents that happen in the commercial space.
  • Collision coverage – This is a very important type of coverage for people who work in the commercial transportation industry, especially truckers and construction workers.
  • GAP coverage – This coverage specifically deals with the monetary gap between your personal medical coverage and your commercial coverage.
  • Uninsured and UIM coverage – If you happen to have an accident with someone who does not have insurance, you will need this coverage to keep from coming out of pocket in an accident.

The Fuhriman Insurance Agency has been providing commercial insurance to individuals and businesses in and around the Boise, ID area for many years. Give their dedicated experts a call when you need to expand your insurance into the commercial space.

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Vandalism?

When you are searching for commercial insurance that can protect you from a variety of threats both natural and made, you will have questions. For example, you may wonder if you are protected in the event of vandalism. This is important to understand, especially if you live in an area with heavy foot traffic or where there are known issues with vandalism. Don’t simply wonder about your coverage. Make sure you are clear on the details before you make a purchase.

Vandalism Coverage

In most cases, your insurance policy will cover acts of vandalism that cause loss as a result of defacing or damage due to willful misconduct. It will usually require to meet the deductible before the coverage kicks in. If there is any property missing it will likely be covered as a theft, but make sure you check with your insurance company to get the specifics with submitting your claim and understanding the terms of the coverage they provide. 

Finding The Right Commercial Coverage

If you want complete protection from a variety of possible covered losses, then you should find a reputable insurance provider to help you get the coverage you need. Established insurance companies such as Fuhriman Insurance Agency, serving the areas in and around Boise, ID, can guide you in the right direction and help you understand all of the terms and conditions of the policy before you make a decision. 

If you have a business in or around the Boise, ID area and would like more information on commercial insurance options, contact Fuhriman Insurance Agency. Their helpful agents will answer your questions and give you the tools you need to protect your investment. Call or stop by the office today for more details. 

What Does Workers’ Comp Insurance Cover?

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is generally required for any business that has employees in Boise, ID.  It covers employees’ work-related injuries or illness, but it also extends beyond than just these instances.

Medical Cost for Immediate Injuries and Illness

Even when businesses put in measures to help prevent any workplace injury, accidents can still happen. If an employee is injured on the job and needs immediate medical attention, the policy will cover what the employee would be responsible for paying, which includes emergency room visits, ambulances rides, and any other medical bill.

Missed Wages

If the accident causes the employee to be out of work for a while, and the employer is required to pay for parts of their missing wages, workers’ comp can cover these and reduce the financial burden. Ask your insurance agent at Fuhriman Insurance Agency for guidance on whether the policy should cover a fixed amount or a percentage.

Ongoing Care

If the work injury is severe enough that is requires ongoing care, such as rehabilitation, businesses are covered. Even if the employee doesn’t come back to work, employers may still be required to provide care. Workers’ comp policies cover this.

Funeral Costs or Death Benefits

Sometimes work accidents can lead to an employee’s death, and the insurance coverage will pay for funeral expenses. Depending on the type of policy you have, it may also cover death benefits that would be paid to the dependents of the employee. Companies in high-risk industries offer these to maintain their quality workforce.

Legal Cost

If an employee sues the business for their injuries, a workers’ compensation policy with employee liability coverage will protect the business from the cost of the lawsuit.

Contact an agent at Fuhriman Insurance Agency serving Boise, ID to discuss workers’ compensation insurance and make sure your business is covered.

Liability Of Bar and Restaurant Owner Without Insurance

Opening a Bar and Restaurant is walking into many liability landmines.   The following activities create liability: food poisoning, alcohol abuse,  slip and fall, assaults caused by fighting patrons, the danger of fire and employee injuries.  This type of business exposes itself to significant liability because it serves the public that feels free and comfortable to express all their emotions while consuming food and drink.  

There are standard types of Insurance that the business owner must consider such as:

Commercial Property Insurance
General Liability Coverage
Liquor Liability Coverage
Assault and Battery Coverage 
Fire Insurance 
Loss of Business Insurance 
Income Coverage
Food Contamination Insurance 
Workers Compensation Insurance
Commercial Auto Liability Coverage

Dram Shop and Liquor Liability Law

The liability of a bar and restaurants can overwhelm a business owner with the death of a patron and innocent bystanders that were harmed by the patron that just left the bar and restaurant drunk. Dram Shop laws are designed to protect the bar owner and the public.  Restaurants and bars are prevented by law from serving alcohol to minors and those intoxicated. If the Dram Shop law is ignored and a patron injures an innocent person the business can be held responsible for the injuries.

Best Practices To Reduce Liability

* Create an employer/employee manual clearing establishing the  training and sanitation practices
* Ensure that practices comply with health and sanitation legal and administration requirements that have jurisdiction over the bar and restaurants
*  Put in policies to control food safety, quality and preparation according to state and federal standards
*  Liquor control policies
*  Fire and safety inspections
*  Record keeping of the date and time establishing when procedures are enforced

The agents of Fuhriman Insurance Agency in Boise, ID will guide you as your business develops.  Please call!!

Will my Umbrella Policy Cover a Worker’s Compensation Award?

Umbrella insurance can be a lifesaver for a small business if it is used correctly. Members of the Fuhriman Insurance Agency who serve the Boise, ID area and the surrounding communities can explain the nuances of umbrella insurance and what types of companies will benefit the most from adding it to their portfolio.

Worker’s Compensation Coverage

Worker’s Compensation coverage is a unique form of insurance that protects a company from financial loss after an employee has been injured while on the job. Depending on the severity of the injuries they receive, the treatment they need can last months or even years. This can be extremely costly and may surpass the funds the company has available to cover their medical expenses.

The Benefits of Umbrella Coverage

Umbrella insurance doesn’t include coverage for Worker’s Compensation claims, but it does help to take up the slack during liability cases. This type of coverage may also be beneficial in terms of storm damage, especially if the cost to make the necessary repairs the exceeds your current policies limits.  Umbrella coverage works better for some types of businesses than it does for others, so it’s important to talk to your insurance agent before making a final decision.

Umbrella insurance is an excellent way to protect your small business from financial loss and devastation. Although umbrella insurance doesn’t help with Worker’s Compensation cases, it can help in many types of liability cases where your traditional coverage may not be sufficient. In Boise, ID, the agents of Fuhriman Insurance Agency encourage small business owners to call their office if they have any questions about this type of coverage.

What Happens If You Don’t Buy Workers Comp Insurance as an Employer?

By law, everyone who employees one or more person in Idaho is required to have some form of workers compensation coverage. This may be placing a bond with the state, having a self-administered program or purchasing workers compensation insurance. Here at Fuhriman Insurance Agency, serving the Boise, ID area, we are often asked what happens if an employer does carry workers compensation coverage through one of the options allowed by the state. Here is the answer. 

Who is Required to Have Coverage?

In the state of Idaho, you are required to have workers compensation coverage if you have one or more employee who works for your business. This law excludes business partners and owners, as well as a potential spouse who may be working for you. In most cases, the law also excludes any freelance employees. All other employees must be covered by a workers compensation coverage plan. 

What Happens If You Don’t Have Worker’s Compensation Coverage?

If you do not have worker’s compensation coverage, there are many potential problems you could encounter. You could be forced to pay a fine by the state, you may face increased premiums when you finally do get insurance, and if an employee becomes injured and you lack coverage, you may be forced to pay for their injuries and future compensation out of your business or personal money. 

If you are looking to meet the worker’s compensation coverage guidelines required by the state of Idaho, Fuhriman Insurance Agency, serving the Boise, ID area, can help. Contact us today to discuss your needs and let us provide you with a quote. 

Are You Legally Required to Buy Workers Compensation Insurance?

If you own a business, you may find yourself wondering if you are legally required to purchase workers compensation insurance. This is a question that we at Fuhriman Insurance Agency, serving the greater Boise, ID area, are often asked. Here is what you need to know about whether you are legally required to buy workers compensation insurance. 

You Have No Employees

If you are self-employed and you do not have any employees, you are not legally required to buy workers compensation insurance. This includes those who only have a spouse that works for them or those who utilize the services of sub-contractors. As long as you do not have anyone that is legally deemed to be an employee, you are not required to obtain and carry this type of insurance. 

You Have Employees

If you employee anyone, even if it is only other person, you are legally required to carry workers compensation insurance by law. This insurance covers the cost of medical bills, lost wages, and permanents injuries if your employee is injured on the job. If you do not carry this type of insurance, you could face heavy fines by the state your business is located in, or your business can even be shut down until you obtain the correct insurance. 

Having the right worker’s compensation insurance is vital to the operation of your business. If you are looking to purchase workers compensation insurance in the greater Boise, ID area, turn to Fuhriman Insurance Agency. We can help you find the right coverage for your business needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment to sit down and discuss your worker’s comp insurance needs. 

Defining Legal Liability In Your Industry

The truth about legal liability in any industry in Boise, ID? It’s flexible. That is to say: it comes down to whether or not the lawyer can make a good case. This is why getting a legal liability policy through Fuhriman Insurance Agency isn’t a bad idea, no matter what your field.

There are a lot of points along the pipeline where legal liability might be placed, and it generally comes down to what the lawyer wants to target, and whether the lawyer can convince the judge. If someone is injured on a vape pen, for instance, the problem might be that the vape pen was improperly stored at the shop. It could be a manufacturing issue, or it could be a defect with the charger. If it’s probably the shopkeeper’s fault, but the manufacturer is the one with deeper pockets, then the suit brought up will most likely prioritize the manufacturer.

This sounds quite cynical. It’s not that the truth has no place in the courts, rather, you have to consider whether or not you’re going to be made a target. Even if you make sure to run everything above board, providing safe products and services with properly trained staff, you still might be the one that is targeted for legal liability depending on a number of factors. Maybe the distributor you work with has a better legal team, so you’re an easier target, for instance. This may seem kind of paranoid, but we’re not talking about everyday concerns. More of your customers, partners and clients than not will be fair, reasonable people, and sometimes legal liability is a lot more cut and dry. But one of the big reasons to consider calling Fuhriman Insurance Agency for a legal liability policy is because you need protection just in case someone does put you in their crosshairs.

Occupational Diseases Covered by Workers Compensation Insurance

Obvious examples of injuries sustained at work include abrasions, bruises, and broken bones. Workers compensation insurance covers such work-related injuries, but they are not the only injuries that are meant to be covered by this policy. Fuhriman Insurance agency offers a wide range of workers compensation insurance options in Boise, ID and the surrounding areas.

Occupational diseases tend to be rare as compared to physical injuries, but they do occur. As a business owner, you will want to have a compensation policy that covers your personnel and ensures that your business is protected from losses resulting from lawsuits. It is vital to understand that occupational diseases are not the commonly occurring conditions like flu or cold.

The cold and flu are viruses that employees can easily come into contact with at home or in the workplace. An occupational disease is a malady that the employee acquires after they have been exposed to conditions at their places of work. They include:

  • Hepatitis that may be acquired by lab techs
  • Tuberculosis that may be acquired by a nurse attending to patients
  • Contact dermatitis that may be acquired from dishwashers
  • Coal worker’s pneumoconiosis

For a condition to be considered an occupational disease, there must be an existing link between the disease you’ve contracted and the type of job you perform.

Many small business owners do not have to deal with the worry of occupational diseases. But if the company often deals with chemicals that are dangerous or noxious, it may be essential to have a good worker’s compensation insurance policy.

If you’re living in Boise, ID, you can call any of our agents at Fuhriman Insurance Agency for more information on occupational diseases that are covered by worker’s compensation insurance. You are also free to visit any of our offices for a more detailed consultation.


Important Things to Note about Bar & Restaurant Insurance

Owning a bar or restaurant can be very rewarding. These are not only places where people come to take meals, drinks and watch games but also they are places where most of the best memories with families and friends are made.

You may realize that when clients pick the best place to be spending their weekends or holidays, they will stick to it. The best way to appreciate their loyalty is by ensuring that they are protected, and they can feel safe while in your bar or restaurant in Boise, ID.

Fuhriman Insurance Agency provides bar & restaurant owners with numerous policies and also we can assist you to select the best coverage that suits you. Before buying a bar & restaurant insurance policy, there are several things you need to know which include;

The basic policies

Bar & restaurant insurance comes with numerous basic policies, and you will need to choose the one that suits your specific needs.These policies are similar to commercial insurance coverage which includes;

Property coverage – This is to protect the things and inventories that your business own.

Liability – The policy protects your customers and helps you pay for the damages that may occur to them when they are on your business premises.

Workers compensation – It caters for medical benefits and wage replacement if an employee is hurt in the workplace.

Commercial auto insurance – If your business owns vehicles, the coverage is meant to ensure that they are protected.

Things affecting your insurance needs

The type and the premiums you need for your bar & restaurant insurance depends on various factors which include; location, lease requirement, losses history, hours of operation, property type and volume just to mention a few. You should note that if your bar or restaurant leases its space, there are specific insurance requirements expected to meet the lease without violation.

To learn more about bar & restaurant insurance in Boise ID, contact Fuhriman Insurance Agency today. We will help you learn more so that you can make a sound decision before settling on a policy.