Should I get home insurance in Idaho?

In the Boise, ID area, one of the best long-term financial decisions that you can make would be to purchase a home. If you do decide to purchase a home in this area of Idaho, having insurance continues to be very important and a great way to protect your home and yourself. There are several reasons why having this coverage is important. 

Insurance Protects You and Your Home

The primary reason that anyone will need to get home insurance here is that it can protect you and your home. Your personal home is the most important asset that you will ever own. Not only is it a place to live, but it is a major investment. When you get home insurance, you can protect this asset. The home insurance plan is also going to provide some personal liability insurance coverage, which will be helpful if you are named in a liability claim due to an accident in your home.

Insurance is Required

You will also want to get this insurance because it is required for most property owners. If you have a mortgage out against your home, you need to comply with your lender’s insurance requirements. Most of the time this will include requiring you to carry a full home insurance plan that meets the standard set by the bank.

Anyone that is in the Boise, ID area and needs to get a home insurance plan should speak with Fuhriman Insurance Agency. There are a lot of important decisions that need to be made when it comes to home insurance. When you call Fuhriman Insurance Agency you can learn a lot about different insurance options that you have. The team can then help you build a policy that will properly protect your home. 

How much auto insurance are Idaho drivers required to carry?

Idaho drivers have state minimums they are required to maintain when it comes to auto insurance. These state minimums protect drivers as they navigate Idaho’s highways, roads, and streets. Failure to carry the state minimum auto insurance could result in fines and the loss of driving privileges, amongst other things. 

Idaho Trafic Laws
Idaho drivers should familiarize themselves with the laws associated with driving in the state. Idaho isn’t a no-fault state which means the state rules that govern driving are fault-based insurance laws. All individuals involved in a traffic accident can be held liable for an accident if they are found to be at fault. Also, hit and runs are felonies that carry a hefty fine and jail time if convicted. This is one of the many reasons why we are committed to educating Idaho drivers on what’s required to legally drive within the state.

State Requirements
The Fuhriman Insurance Agency of Boise, ID requires all Idaho drivers to carry liability coverage. Liability insurance can cover injuries, lost wages, and property damage caused to others in situations where you’ve been deemed “at fault” in an accident. Liability insurance takes care of any injuries and damage that may have occurred as a result of an accident that you were responsible for. If another driver or passenger(s) was injured, liability insurance will cover their medical care. Liability insurance also covers property damage as well. Lost wages and a whole host of other areas are covered under liability insurance.

State Minimums
Idaho state minimums for auto coverage include bodily injury coverage in the amount of $25,000 per person in an accident and $50,000 for everyone involved in a single accident. Idaho drivers must carry liability insurance to legally drive within the state. If you have any questions or concerns about liability coverage give us a call. We are committed to educating Idaho drivers and providing the best auto insurance options possible.