Who Should Carry Umbrella Insurance?

Many Boise, ID, residents, and business owners can benefit from umbrella insurance. It significantly adds liability coverage to your existing home, condominium, renters, vehicle, and business policies. This gives you greater protection from some types of lawsuits, especially those involving accidental injuries. Not everyone needs this kind of insurance, but it’s often desirable for individuals and companies with substantial amounts of valuable assets.


If the value of your personal assets exceeds the liability limits on existing auto, home, or renters’ insurance, consider signing up for an umbrella policy. The same goes for businesses. Consider obtaining umbrella coverage if the total worth of your business assets surpasses your commercial liability insurance cap. An alternative is to add more liability coverage to an existing policy, but this isn’t always possible.

Risk Level

You may also want to consider your vulnerability to claims. Your company might need an umbrella policy when numerous people visit your place of business, or you perform services at customers’ homes. Likewise, it could prove necessary if you sell a product with the potential to cause significant damage or injuries. An individual who holds large parties at home or frequently travels long distances by car could also benefit from umbrella coverage.

If you decide an umbrella policy is right for you or your company, talk to the coverage experts at Fuhriman Insurance Agency. Our Boise, ID, agency has over six decades of experience and strives to serve customers promptly, efficiently, and reliably. We’ll independently help you compare options from a variety of dependable insurers. Please call 208-327-3400 or 877-342-7935 to reach the friendly staff at Fuhriman Insurance Agency.

Protect Your Investments While Renting A Home

Renters insurance protects a tenant’s possessions while they are actively renting a residence. After reviewing how renters insurance works, contact one of our agents at Fuhriman Insurance Agency. One of our agents from Boise, ID will prepare your insurance documents.

Coverage Basics

Your rental home could become burglarized or vandalized during your tenancy. It could also be subject to damage from a storm. Renters insurance provides adequate protection from monetary loss. It covers the cost of repairing or replacing damaged items. It is a tenant’s responsibility to acquire rental insurance when they move into a new rental.


An inspection of the rental property should be conducted first. This inspection should be done before a rental agreement is signed. An inspection will allow you to determine a rental’s level of security. It will also indicate the current condition of the dwelling.

Assets and Personal Possessions

A list of your assets and personal possessions should be prepared. The list should indicate each item of value that you will be moving into your rental. Information about the value of each item should be documented. If you own artwork, jewelry, and other valuables, you should have these items appraised. This information should be submitted to your insurance agent.


If you sell any of your items, you should take note of each sale. Selling items may require modifying your existing insurance policy. If you invest in new items, you will need to make a note of the purchases that you have made.

Contact Fuhriman Insurance Agency

Now that you know the insurance you need while renting a property, schedule a meeting with an agent at Fuhriman Insurance Agency. An agent who serves Boise, ID, will advise you on the insurance coverage you need.