Umbrella Insurance in Boise, ID

Boise, ID, also known as "The City of Trees" is considered one of the most livable cities in the country.  With so much to do in Boise, it’s no wonder there is a vibrant community with an economy that favors entrepreneurs.  If you live in Boise and own a business or other property, you may want to consider protecting your valuable assets with umbrella insurance.

Umbrella insurance goes above and beyond to protect your assets in the event of a disaster.  Even if you are as optimistic as the area of Boise itself, accidents can happen to anyone. Would you be covered with your current policy if someone were to accidently slip and fall at your place of business?  If you own a home, are you protected against all kinds of unexpected accidents?  Umbrella insurance, however, is not just for buildings. If you own a boat, and RV, or one or more personal or business vehicles, you can add umbrella insurance to these policies as well.

At Fuhriman Insurance Agency we love to discuss umbrella insurance with our clients.  If you have an existing policy with us or are in the market for a new insurance policy, we can give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about adding umbrella insurance to your policy.  Protecting your personal and business assets is a financially sound decision for you, your family, your employees, and their families.  Rest knowing that you can enjoy your boat or RV without any worry about accidents. Run your business without having to worry about what you would do in the event of an unforeseen disaster.  Contact Fuhriman Insurance Agency today. We got you covered.