Bar fights and your insurance needs

Bar fights and insurance needs probably aren’t the first topics a new bar or restaurant owner think of, but preparation remains vital to business success. No bar or restaurant owner wants to think about a fight breaking out, but drama occurs in even the finest establishments. Proper insurance preparation is key. Every owner needs to understand the legal doctrine of premises liability and obtain premises liability insurance.

Premises Liability

The law considers bar patrons and restaurant goers "invitees." Invitees have the right to remain safe from harm or injury while on the premises. Premises includes the parking lot, alleys, and land on which the establishment sits. The owner "must do everything reasonably possible" to keep patrons safe. Inviting children onto the premises increases the burden of "adequate warning" and protection. Hiring security or bouncers comes under this. If a fight breaks out and a court finds for the patron, the cost to the bar or restaurant can be great. Carrying proper insurance protects the establishment.

No-fault Premises Liability Insurance

Many establishments purchase no-fault premises liability insurance. This insurance pays injury claims of patrons regardless of who was at fault. It does not cover pain and suffering, however. The insurance covers other incident types, as well, like falls and fires. This is a separate policy from the business insurance policy. Carrying this policy helps the business avoid lawsuits by paying for the patron’s injuries regardless of fault.

Boise, ID’s Fuhriman Insurance Agency can help you understand the special insurance needs of a bar or restaurant. We’ll help you determine the policies you need and appropriate coverage amounts for your establishment.You can avoid potential lawsuits through proper insurance. In Boise, ID, Fuhriman Insurance Agency wants to help you keep your business safe and growing.