Teen Auto Insurance Woes in Boise, ID

If you are a teenager or a parent of a teenager in Boise, ID, you probably know that your life is about to change. Teenagers often look forward to driving when they are old enough to get their licenses, and their parents often dread this day. Teens often think more about the excitement of being able to be behind the wheel and have that control and power, rather than focusing on what an enormous responsibility it is to drive a car. Insurance companies are aware of this as well, and they take this into consideration when calculating insurance rates where teenagers are involved.

Because of the risks associated with teens driving cars, auto insurance rates often skyrocket when teens are added to plans. This can be very frustrating for parents, as well as the teens who are often made to pay the difference. As such, many parents simply opt not to tell the insurance companies that their teens are driving their cars, but this can be a big mistake. Even though no one is anxious to pay a higher insurance bill, it is important to disclose to your insurance company that your teen is now driving. Whether or not you tell them, they can very easily find out. They can find out that you have a newly licensed member in your household and revise your rates themselves, or they can drop you entirely.

If auto insurance for a teenage driver in Boise, ID is an issue for you, you can contact Fuhriman Insurance Agency to have your concerns addressed. The auto insurance agents at Fuhriman Insurance Agency are knowledgeable and can tell you everything that you need to know about teens driving as it pertains to insurance where you live.

Protect Yourself at Home and on the Road

Everyone has liability insurance, so you should be covered for whatever comes your way, right? Wrong. If you’re held liable for damages or bodily injury in a catastrophic accident or are the subject of a lawsuit for personal injuries, the liability coverage that you were counting on is likely to be woefully inadequate for your needs. Also known as "excess liability" coverage, an umbrella policy can help protect you both at home and on the road. 

When Other Insurance Stops . . . 

Umbrella coverage takes over when other liability insurance stops–such as when you have a catastrophic, multi-vehicle accident on the interstate and it’s determined to be your fault or when your dog wanders off and bites a neighbor’s child resulting in significant medical bills. It never seems like these things could happen to you in Boise, ID, but they can and do–and it’s best to be prepared for any eventuality.

Broad Coverage

Umbrella insurance protects you from more than massive calamities, it can also shield you and your family members from incidents that may exceed your standard auto, home or other underlying insurance. Legal defense fees are also covered, which can be incredibly important in today’s society of litigation. Coverage extends throughout the world, so no matter where you are when a peril occurs, your coverage will follow you. 

Ready to learn more about umbrella insurance and how a policy can help protect your family from disaster? Contact Fuhriman Insurance Agency, your local Boise, ID insurance partner, to learn more about sheltering your family from all of the dangers that life can throw at you–expected and unexpected.