3 Reasons to Rethink Your Home Insurance Policy in Boise

Your home insurance is one of the best measures to save you money, but you probably don’t think of it like that. Savings to you probably means what’s in the bank and how often you forego an expensive purchase. Here are three reasons to start rethinking how you see your insurance policy in Boise, ID, so you can give it the time and attention it deserves. 

1. Your Home Is an Investment 

And likely the best one you’ll ever make. No matter what type of neighborhood you live in, there’s a lot to be said for taking care of what you have. When you buy coverage that extends to protect you against a variety of both natural and man-made events, you’re taking care of the value within. 

2. Consequences Are Severe 

 Just one event could leave you feeling entirely helpless when it comes to your home and what to do about it. If you don’t have hotels near you or a friend to call, it’s generally your insurance policy that can either help or hurt you. This kind of predicament is not something you will want to face alone, so getting comprehensive coverage is really a move to keep yourself from experiencing the worst. 

3. It Pays to Save 

As stated at the beginning, you should really look at home insurance as a way to save. If you can’t cover reconstruction costs or replace the contents of your home without breaking a sweat, then this is the time to look for more coverage. Fuhriman Insurance Agency serves Boise, ID, and can help you determine the next steps, whether you’re looking for a new policy or shopping around for a different one. Give us a call today for more information. 

Little Known Factors that can Increase Home Insurance Premiums

Citizens in Boise, ID need to make sure they are informed when it comes to home insurance premiums. While the location and the size of the home are universal factors that everyone understands, there are several important factors that fly under the radar when calculating home insurance costs. Do not neglect these factors when deciding what additions to add to a home.

First on the list is a trampoline. While kids love trampolines and need the exercise, insurance companies have started raising home insurance rates for homes with trampolines. This is because trampolines lead to thousands of hospital visits every year. People can bounce off of the edge and break bones. Limbs can get trapped in the springs and suffer significant injuries. When hospital visits occur, the insurance company is frequently on the hook for the bills. Therefore, insurance companies have started charging higher premiums for homes with trampolines.

Next, swimming pools can also lead to higher premiums. People commonly run around the pool deck and wind up falling on the edge, sustaining significant injuries that lead to hospital visits. Furthermore, people can drown in the pool. In fact, hundreds of people drown in pools every year. Many of these drownings take place in home pools. All of these are costs the insurance company might have to pay for. Therefore, homeowners with pools wind up paying higher home insurance premiums.

Lastly, even home decks can lead to a higher home insurance rate. People can fall off of the deck and hurt themselves, leading to more hospital visits. Because insurance companies understand the risk with home decks, they will charge higher premiums for homes with decks. Owners can mitigate these costs by adding a railing.

Home insurance rates in Boise, ID are heavily impacted by these little-known factors above. Do not overlook these facets of home insurance when making purchases for home use. An insurance company might decide to charge higher premiums.