How to organize your linen closet

Although there are probably a number of closets in your house, the one that everyone seems to use is the linen closet.  While it can seem as if storing towels and sheet sets shouldn’t be that hard, it’s easy for this closet to become disorganized very quickly.  Fortunately, there are ways to get it under control and keep it from becoming a mess again.  Try these tips to get your linen closet organized again.

  1. Assign a place for everything.  Use sticky notes to label what is going to go on every shelf.  As you organize, you’l be able to refer back to these labels and stick to an organization plan.
  2. Keep kids’ items where the kids can reach them.  Even if this takes up more room, your closet will stay organized if your kids don’t have to jump to reach the towels and sheets that they need.
  3. Make bed “kits”  Matching sets of sheets should be folded together.  Not only will this make the closet neater, but it will also prevent family members from tearing apart the neatly folded stacks in search of a pillowcase or top sheet.  You may also want to consider doing the same for towel and washcloth sets.
  4. Place the “good” linens at the top of the closet.  This will prevent kids from grabbing the guest towels to dry off the dog after his bath.

As you’re cleaning out your linen closet, you’ll probably come across some things you forgot your had, and get rid of a lot of stuff.  That means that you’ll need to change your insurance policy.  Call the agents at Fuhriman Insurance Agency to make sure that your homeowner’s or renter’s policy is up to date.

3 Apps to Keep Teens Safe While Driving

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One of the scariest situations a parent faces is making the decision to hand over the car keys to their teenager. The news stories about tragic car accidents that are caused by teenagers texting and driving or driving carelessly are downright frightening. Fortunately, there is a variety of cell phone apps available to help you monitor your teenagers driving.


DriveMode by AT&T is available for iPhones and the Android. When the app is activated, it automatically sends a text message to the sender that the person being sent a message is currently driving. The app also silences alerts for emails, texts and phone calls as well as blocks web browsing and all outgoing calls unless they are an emergency. The app allows you to input 911 and five additional phone numbers on an emergency list. The app must be activated each time your teenager drives, so you or your teen will need to turn it on and off during each trip.

Safe Driver

Safe Driver is a free app for iPhones that monitors your teenagers driving behaviors through the GPS and accelerometer installed in the phone. The app sends alerts and updates to you whenever your teenager is driving over the speed limit, accelerates too quickly and/or brakes too hard. The only problem with this app is that it may drain the battery quickly if the accelerometer and the GPS are continually used.


DriveScribe is a free app available for Android and iPhone that monitors and alerts you in real time of any unsafe driving habits. Once the app is activated, it will use the phone’s speakers to let your teenager know they are exceeding the speed limit. Another benefit of this service is that you earn points with each trip you or your teenager makes. The points are earned for good driving habits and accumulated points can be used for gift cards through the DriveScribe website.

If you do a little research, you will find that there are a wide range of apps available that can give you a little piece of mind each time your teen gets behind the wheel. In order to ensure you are getting the most out of the apps, it is important that you talk with your teen and discuss the importance of them not disabling the apps. Be sure to talk with teens about the dangers of texting and driving, speeding and getting distracted by talking with passengers while they are driving.

Now that you have a teenage driver in the family, don’t forget to contact Fuhriman Insurance Agency to review your current auto insurance policy and add your teen driver if necessary.