How much home insurance do you need in Idaho?

Boise, ID continues to be a magnet for those looking to retire because of the city’s low cost of living and the beautiful scenery that encompasses the area. So many people moving to the region may prompt homeowners to consider how much home insurance they need. The agents at Fuhriman Insurance Agency can help you determine if your insurance is enough coverage or if you should consider upgrading your plan. 

What is the median home value in Idaho?

The average person who moves to Idaho can expect to pay about $290,00 for a single-family home. Most buyers pay upwards of $350,000 for homes in the state. 

Individuals moving to Boise ID can expect to pay as much as $350,000, if not more, for a home. The primary reason that homes cost more in this city is due to location. Boise is home to a popular university that students from around the world attend. The city is also the capital of the state, which means that more tourists are prone to visit Boise before exploring other parts of Idaho. 

Does your insurance plan measure up?

Some homeowners purchased properties in Boise before individuals from other states became interested in the region. Thus, your home insurance plan may require an upgrade. 

The best home insurance policies offer enough coverage for relocation and the purchase of a new home if your current house is damaged beyond repair. Your policy should also take into account property upgrades as well as the possessions inside your home. 

Some Boise, ID homeowners hire an appraiser before purchasing new home insurance policies. You can go this route in addition to calling the agents at Fuhriman Insurance Agency for a quote. Call today!

Is Your Home Winter Ready? Discover the Best Quotes at Fuhriman Insurance to Keep You Safe and Warm

How our Boise, ID agency can keep you safe and warm during winter.

Fuhriman Insurance Agency in Boise, ID has the wherewithal to maintain and protect your home during the colder and more challenging months. Being winter-ready means having solid and comprehensive protection for you, your family, and your most prized belongings. Our professional agents can offer individualized quotes that ensure every square footage of your prized possession is safe.

The meaning of being solidly and properly insured

Boise, ID is a lively city that boasts year-round climates and seasonal shifts where everyone needs to be prepared for unforeseen obstacles. Wintertime especially poses risks to freezing and icy temperatures that can jeopardize your home structure if not protected. Fuhriman Insurance Agency aims to prevent any potential cold weather calamities that can reduce the value of your property and increase the potential of damage to your home. 

Instances of frozen pipes, ice dams, heavy snowfall, these are the external factors that nature places on dwellings in the Boise ID area. As our agents have been skilled to understand each individual situation on a personal level, we invite you to receive an online quote or schedule an in-person appointment to have your questions and concerns answered with compassion and care.

Being properly insured as a homeowner involves several measures, including:

  • Conduct regular home maintenance of the entire property.
  • Upgrade older features of your home in dire need of repairs.
  • Install extra protection such as rain gutters and security systems to maintain a dry foundation and keep a watchful eye on snowpack and theft.
  • Invest in a quality snowblower to clear out debris in the driveway that can leak into the garage.

Protect your investment today!


Will my home insurance cover my small work from home business?

If you have a home business in Boise, ID, you might not have thought about whether or not you will need to have an additional insurance policy to protect the business assets. Whether you rent or own, you may have assumed that your renters or homeowners policy provided the protection you need for your business.

At Fuhriman Insurance Agency, we help small business owners find the coverage they need depending on what kinds of services and products they sell, and what kinds of assets the business owns. Everyone has a different situation, and what works well for you might be a very poor fit for someone else.

Minimal coverage from a homeowners policy

While a homeowners policy may provide a small amount of coverage, it will be very limited. If you don’t need to purchase a full regular business insurance policy, you may be able to get optional business coverage for up to $10,000 to protect your home business.

That may not be enough, especially if the value of your home business assets is much higher. if there is a fire or large theft, you will have to pay the deductible first, before your coverage even kicks in.

Other possible exclusions

One of the biggest problems is that the liability coverage will probably not extend to business activities that occur within your home. If someone has an accident while conducting business with you, or is damaged by one of your products, you would then be responsible for any damages.

There may be other exclusions in your policy about what kind of property might be covered, and there may even be limitations that make you keep the assets within the building. If you think your Boise, ID small business may not be fully protected, call Fuhriman Insurance Agency today to discuss your options.

3 Reasons to Have Home Owners Insurance in Boise, ID

There are many benefits to having homeowners insurance in Boise, ID.  At Fuhriman Insurance Agency, we would love to go over these benefits with you. But to start, here are three benefits you can think about if your considering buying homeowners insurance in Boise, ID.   

1. Protect Yourself From Theft

If your home happens to be broken into and the thieves make off with valuables, your homeowners insurance will help you recoup the costs of what was stolen. Typically, you will have a deduction to pay first and this amount depends upon the policy you have.  Once you’ve paid the deductible, the homeowners insurance will kick in to help reimburse what’s left.  

2. Homeowners Insurance is Required by Law

If you have a mortgage on your home, then homeowners insurance is required by your mortgage lender. There is no way to get around this. The lender needs to be able to protect the asset, your home, in the event that something happens to the asset.  If something should happen, both you and the bank can be assured that your home is protected with a homeowners policy.  

3. Peace of Mind

Whether you have a mortgage or not, having homeowners insurance gives you peace of mind. You can carry on your day-to-day activities without having to worry about what is most likely your most valuable asset.  

To talk about adding a new homeowners policy to your home, call the reputable agents at Fuhriman Insurance Agency today.  Our friendly team will answer all of your questions and help you choose the right policy for you needs. Contact us today at 877-342-7935.  

Will my insurance policy protect my collection in the event of a theft? What if the theft occurred outside the house?

The older you get, the more expensive your toys get sometimes. You may have a more discretional income to live out your dreams and have the things you’ve always wanted. If you have a toy or toy collection in Boise, ID, you know that you need to protect your toys from any kind of losses. While you may expect damage that occurs from accidents, you also need protection from theft. Due to their nature, your toys present attractive targets to potential thieves.

While not everyone understands the importance of toys for grown-ups, we at Fuhriman Insurance Agency understand how important it is to have your toys for fun and relaxation. ATVs, speedboats and other kinds of grown-up toys. You need to know your insurance policy will cover you in case of loss after you have made the investment.

The bottom line will always be what your contract states. You can obtain a special insurance policy to cover your toys or add on to your other insurance policies. Your insurance will cover theft up to your policy limits, so you need to discuss with your insurance agent how losses are calculated. 

Your losses will also be covered even if you were not at home or on your own property. Whether the theft occurred during transport or use, you will be reimbursed for acts of theft.

If your current coverage isn’t adequate for your needs, or if you want to explore your options and possibly find a new policy entirely, contact Fuhriman Insurance Agency today. Serving Boise, ID, we will be happy to help you explore all your options.

Do I need special coverage for anything that happens as a result of my bar serving alcohol to someone?

When a business in Boise, ID wants to serve alcohol, it must apply for a special permit from the State.All businesses serving alcohol need this permit, whether alcohol is served on the side with meals or is the main part of what happens there.  Businesses are also expected to behave ethically and responsible when dealing with alcohol, such as not continuing to sell alcohol to customers who are already intoxicated.

There have been some cases where intoxicated customers left a bar and were involved in automobile crashes. Sometimes, intoxicated customers have accidents or even get into fights and hurt people or damage property. These damages can range from small, like broken glasses, to fatal crashes with very large damages. If your business is not protected, you may end up needing to pay for those damages out of pocket.

Most businesses that sell alcohol have strict policies and provide training to all employees to make sure those policies are carried out. However, sometimes accidents happen even if you do everything you can to prevent them.

At Fuhriman Insurance Agency, we can help you find the insurance policy to best protect your business if you serve alcohol. Those kinds of damages are generally not covered under any other insurance policies, like property insurance or general liability policies. That is because alcohol can provide a greater possibility of risky behavior that leads to damages.

However, if you already have one of those other policies at Fuhriman Insurance Agency, you can probably add a Liquor Liability clause or policy for an additional premium. If you have a business in Boise, ID that serves alcohol, don’t wait to protect yourself. Call today for all your options.

Home Improvements: A Smart Way to Reduce Insurance Costs

Home improvements that make your Boise, ID property a safer environment could work in your favor to reduce home insurance costs. Before renovating your property, talk to a representative from Fuhriman Insurance Agency to see what improvements make you eligible for a discount on your insurance premium. The following home improvements could not only enhance the value of your property but may very well qualify you for a reduction in home insurance costs.

Roof Replacement or Repairs

Roof replacement is a major investment that can pay off in greater protection of your structure and personal belongings. A new roof will keep your home and personal effects safe from a winter storm, hail, wind and rain damage, making it a vital asset to your property. Fortifying your home with a new roof can help lower your insurance costs.

Reinforcements to Home Structure

In like manner, reinforcing your home with new windows and exterior doors and investing in storm shutters will protect you and your family against unlawful entry, theft, and the elements. As these improvements enhance safety, they could make you eligible for a reduction in insurance costs.

Home Security Measures

Home security upgrades such as deadlocks, smoke detectors, and a home alarm system reduce the risk of damage due to fire, theft, and vandalism. These safety measures could help lower your insurance premium.

Plumbing and Electrical Upgrades  

If you own an older home, upgrading its plumbing and electrical system can reduce the risk of water or fire damage due to faulty wiring or worn water pipes. Such home improvements could make you eligible for a discount on your home insurance.

For more information on home improvements that could qualify you for reduced home insurance costs, talk to Fuhriman Insurance Agency in Boise, ID today.  

Benefits of Having a Basement

When building a new home, one of the most important things you will want to consider is whether or not to build a basement. There are so many uses of a basement, which is why it is imperative to consider what you could use one for. Let’s take a quick look at why you should put a basement into the next home you build. 

Easy to heat and cool

Did you know heating and cooling a basement is much more energy and more cost-efficient than heating and cooling the other parts of your home? In fact, some people choose to build a new home in the form of a basement; this type of home is known as a basement home. The heating and cooling of this type of home tend to cost about 20 to 30 percent less than above the ground homes. 

Great way to add space

Adding a basement to your home is also advantageous because you can use it for just about any purpose. Want a space to throw darts? Shoot pool? Need space for an extra bedroom? No matter what you need the space for, you can likely use your basement. Some people even put full kitchens in their basement and rent it out as an apartment; this is a great way to earn extra income. Basements are also considered to be living square footage as long as the walls and floors are finished out; this means a basement increases the value of your home. 

To learn more about putting a basement in your home and the many advantages you will gain, contact Fuhriman Insurance Agency serving the Boise, ID area. 

Will a Home Warranty Replace Home Insurance?

Home warranties are becoming more popular than ever. There are commercials for them airing often on television, which has more people considering investing in one. If you are considering purchasing a home warranty, you may wonder if this home warranty will replace your home insurance, or if they can be used in conjunction with one another. Here is a bit of information you need to know.

A Home Warranty Will Not Replace Home Insurance

A home warranty often covers many of the things that a home insurance policy will not cover. This includes replacing an air conditioner if yours dies due to old age or covering repair costs for your appliances. A home warranty does not protect your home against many of the things that home insurance does, such as theft, hail damage or a pipe bursting and flooding your home.

A Home Warranty Does Not Suffice Your Home Insurance Requirements

If you have a loan out on your home, you are required to carry home insurance. A home warranty does not meet this requirement.

You Can Have a Home Insurance Policy and Home Warranty At the Same Time

You are allowed to have both a home insurance policy and home warranty at the same time, and in fact, many people do. A warranty covers items that a home insurance policy may not and vice versa. As such, it may make sense to have both at the same time.

When you have questions about your home insurance policy or are looking for a new one, let Fuhriman Insurance Agency, serving the greater Boise, ID area help. Give us a call and let one of our friendly and knowledge agents answer your questions or give you a free price quote.

3 Things to Consider when Buying Homeowner’s Insuracne in Boise, ID

Boise, ID is a wonderful place to live.  In fact, according to, Boise makes it into the top 100 best places to live in the United States. Despite its isolation from other cities, Boise is a cultural hotspot with enough amenities that it doesn’t need to be supplemented with a trip anywhere else. Boise residents are happy right where they are.

For homeowners, Boise offers a diverse world with a mix of cultures brought in by people from all over the world. And the fours seasons give the city a plethora of outdoor activities to keep families busy.  Whether you already own a home in Boise or are looking to purchase your first home here or relocate to this gorgeous city, there are three things you should consider when purchasing a homeowner’s insurance policy in Boise ID.

1. Choose a Trusted Agent

At Fuhriman Insurance Agency, we are a full-service insurance agency that represents quality insurance companies.  We like to think of ourselves as trusted advisers who will work very close with you when it comes time to choose the best homeowner’s insurance policy available for your Boise ID home or rental property.

2. Understand Your Coverage and Policy

When it comes to a homeowner’s insurance policy, the insurance agent you work with will make sure you understand exactly what your policy covers. Getting the most affordable option is also a common goal of homeowners. Adding umbrella insurance to an existing policy is always an option for the future.

3.  Understand Your Deductible

When it comes time to choose the amount of the deductible you want, meaning the amount you will need to pay out of pocket in the event you need to file a claim, the simple rule is that the higher the deductible you choose, the lower your premium will be.

To learn more about purchasing homeowner’s insurance for a property in Boise, ID, contact Fuhriman Insurance Agency at 877-342-7935 today.