How to Know if a Worker is an Employee or Independent Contractor

As a business owner in the Boise, ID area, it’s important to know if you are working with an independent contractor or if you have an employee according to the Idaho rules.  The difference can affect your business in a variety of ways.  Idaho State uses a control test to help determine if the working relationship is employee-employer or an independent contractor.  The “Right to Control Test” has four main areas to help guide you through the distinction. 

  • Control by the business.  If the business requires set hours of work, provides training, integrates the worker into the business’s main mode of operation, or has a requirement of reports on a schedule, then it is an employee-employer relationship.  If the worker provides their service to other companies and the general public, it’s likely they are an independent contractor.
  • Method of payment.  If payment is made by regular intervals – hour, week, day, month or other intervals, the relationship is employee-employer.  If the worker could have a profit or loss as a direct result of their service, then they are considered an independent contractor.
  • Necessary equipment.  If the company provides the equipment necessary, then it is seen as an employee-employer relationship.  An independent contractor makes the equipment investment.
  • In an employee-employer relationship, there is an ongoing relationship focused around the work.  If it is not an employee, the relationship can be ended without liability by either party at any time.

A “yes” to any of these items can mean the relationship is employee-employer.  Use the “Right to Control Test” as a guide.

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Your Car: Is It Covered By Renter’s Insurance?

At Fuhriman Insurance Agency, we have seen just about every kind of problem that could affect a homeowner. One that is sadly common is losing a rented home through a fire, including the vehicles parked in the garage. Will your Boise, ID renter’s insurance policy cover your car?

Sadly, Your Car Is Not Covered

Renter’s insurance will not cover vehicles or cars that are damaged as a result of any circumstance. In fact, most policies will expressly state that they do not cover this kind of damage. While this can be a frustrating situation, it is understandable. It would cost the company too much to pay for your car repairs.

There is one instance, however, in which renter’s insurance may cover your car damage. That is if your car is used to service the residence, rather than being used on the road. This situation can be confusing to understand, though, so it is vital to discuss how it works.

When Renter’s Insurance Covers Your Car

As mentioned above, renter’s insurance will cover your car’s physical damage if the vehicle is used to service the home. This means that the vehicle is used only on the property and to service it. For example, if you live on a piece of rented property and you own a truck that you use to do farm work, then it is likely to be covered by renter’s insurance.

The tricky part of this is that your vehicle cannot be used for any roadworthy purposes. In fact, it can’t even be registered to drive on the road at all. In this instance, your vehicle is considered part of the property and is covered. Otherwise, renter’s insurance does not cover your vehicle.

Covering Your Vehicle And Home

Don’t hesitate to contact us at Fuhriman Insurance Agency today if you live in Boise, ID or in the surrounding area. We will provide you with the high-quality help you need to protect your vehicle and your rented home from serious damage.

What Is Umbrella Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

We live in a litigious society. As a Boise, ID homeowner, having added insurance protection and knowing your personal assets aren’t at risk can bring peace of mind. Just as an umbrella protects you from inclement weather on a rainy day, added umbrella insurance coverage can help you shield your personal assets in the case of a large liability claim. Having umbrella liability protection in place if you are found liable for legal damages that exceed your homeowner or auto insurance can help you avoid financial ruin

Umbrella coverage kicks in when you have reached the limits of your present homeowner or auto policy coverage. If your homeowner policy has $500,000 limit, by purchasing an additional umbrella policy you can cover claims that run higher than $500,000. This protection covers a variety of claims as well as legal defense costs, slander, libel, and defamation of character.

Why Should I Buy an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

The more you own, the more you have to lose, in the event of a large claim. If you have accumulated any type of personal wealth, including, but not limited to, a home, property, or an investment portfolio, you can potentially benefit from an umbrella policy. Check with Fuhriman Insurance Agency to find out if you have assets which need extra protection, or if you may be a target of a large lawsuit.

An umbrella policy may also protect you if you are the type of person whose personal circumstances can make them a target for a lawsuit, such as someone who:

  • Has a swimming pool
  • Owns a large-breed dog
  • Participates in hobbies or sports that could lead to unintentional harm to others, such as auto racing or hunting

The Pros of Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance provides coverage not covered in your homeowner or auto insurance policy. If you have a low tolerance for risk an umbrella policy is an attractive protection method for securing your assets. There are many advantages to having an umbrella insurance policy, including:

  • Your retirement nest egg is protected. A large liability lawsuit could potentially drain your savings and delay your retirement. With umbrella coverage that is less likely to happen.
  • Your family and pets are covered. It is difficult to control the behavior and actions of other members of your family, including pets. In the event that you, other family members or pets cause harm or injury, an umbrella policy will cover those claims.
  • It’s relatively inexpensive. An umbrella policy doesn’t take effect until your primary homeowner and auto policy limits are reached, so coverage rates are generally inexpensive. 
  • Peace of mind. You’ll rest easier knowing that large, unexpected liability claims won’t cost you your savings.

For more information about how to protect your home, family, and assets, call the Boise, ID insurance experts at Fuhriman Insurance Agency today.