Is It Wise to Use an Independent Insurance Agent?

If a person is shopping for insurance, it’s imperative to take into consideration the many avenues that can be traveled down. For one, the person can go through an agent that specializes in only one brand of insurance, and while this can be advantageous for various reasons, an independent agent almost always proves to be of more value. Mostly because this type of agent has the ability to shop through different brands of insurance, meaning your insurance needs can be met not only quickly but in a more affordable manner, as well. Here’s a look at two reasons it’s smart to use an independent insurance agent. 

Better assistance when making a claim

Have you ever went to make a claim with your insurance agency only to realize that the process is completely time-consuming? Probably so. With an independent agent, though, you can make a claim with the agent you have been working with, and it’s because of this that he will likely already know the specifics of your policy. By knowing the specifics, this allows him to make the claim right the first time around; this will speed up the time that it takes for you to receive compensation that is owed to you. 

Always on the search for better policies

Independent agents also help you stay ahead of the game by recommending policies that can better meet your needs. Since the agent is tied down to a specific company, this allows him to continually shop for policies that are more affordable and of better quality. 

To learn more about the benefits of going through an independent agent, contact Fuhriman Insurance Agency today. 

Don’t Be Caught In The Dark

As soon as the power goes out in Boise, you are going to find yourself in the dark. This can be problematic not only because you can’t see, but also because you don’t have power to do all of the things that you have grown accustomed to being able to do. There are some tips that can help you navigate and survive until the power company gets your lights back on.

Have Multiple Light Sources

You want to make sure you have the means of having light in various sources. This can include lanterns, candles, as well as flashlights. Anything battery operated also means having plenty of back-up batteries so you don’t run out.

Think About Sustenance

Billions of dollars’ worth of food is lost every year around the US because of power going out. You want to be sure you have food to feed your family. Bottles of frozen water can be kept in the freezer so you can maintain a cooler temperature for longer.

You also want at least one week’s worth of food that doesn’t need to be heated or refrigerated. Popular items include jerky, granola bars, tuna packs, MREs, and peanut butter.

Focus on Survival

Depending on the season your power goes out in Idaho, you may want to have battery-powered fans to stay cool or heavy blankets to stay warm. You may also want to invest in a generator so that you don’t have to worry about food spoiling in your freezer or having lights in order for you and your family to see from one room to another.

Call and talk to an independent insurance agent at Fuhriman Insurance Agency today. We look forward to being able to help you find a good policy in Idaho to provide you with peace of mind whether the power is on or off.