Bicycle Safety Tips For Motorists

Bicyclists face serious risks on the Gem State’s roads. They can easily suffer life-threatening injuries when traffic accidents occur. Boise motorists help to prevent such disasters when they follow these tips:

1. Always slow down if bicycles are present. A rider may unexpectedly enter your lane to avoid another vehicle’s door, a patch of sand or broken glass in the shoulder. Exercise patience; don’t insist on passing a bike when there isn’t enough room.

2. Don’t honk your horn to say hello to a familiar bicyclist, warn riders of your presence or urge them to move over. This can startle or distract cyclists just long enough to trigger harmful mistakes.

3. Keep in mind that Idaho stop sign laws allow riders to slow down and yield rather than completely halting their bikes. Bicyclists must stop for red lights but aren’t required to wait until they change color.

4. Remain alert when you travel through residential neighborhoods. Young children on bikes might not use enough caution when they enter the street. Kids don’t always understand the consequences of risky behavior.

5. Never travel with an unrestrained dog in a truck bed or a car with open windows. Some canines will jump from vehicles to attack cyclists. If you’re near a road, always use a leash when leading a dog from your car to a building.

6. Leave at least three feet between your vehicle’s mirror and a bike’s handle bar when passing. Increase the distance if you’re driving quickly or passing a child on a bicycle.

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