Commercial Insurance: FAQs

As a business owner, you understand how complicated it is to have a company. There are many things to take care of to help your business grow and succeed. You should consider the interests and needs of employees working for you is important. Also, buying business insurance is one of the most efficient methods to protect your business. 

What does commercial insurance cover?

Usually, commercial insurance pays for the expenses of lost business income, commercial property damage, lawsuits, and other losses. You can purchase several coverages to ensure your business is fully covered. 

What are the various types of commercial insurance?

Depending on the type and features of your business, there are several types of business insurance to consider. The most common are general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, business income insurance, and more. 

What are the benefits of having commercial insurance?

The main benefit is the protection of your business. Each type of commercial insurance protects businesses in different ways. Protecting your business is the most important thing for any business owner and investor because of the energy and effort they have put into it. 

If you are thinking of getting business insurance for your company but still have questions or do not know where to start, Fuhriman Insurance Agency is here to help you. Our agency has served clients in Boise, ID, and other areas. We specialize in commercial insurance, as well as other types of insurance. For more information, you can either call us or visit our website

The Differences Between Term and Whole Life Insurance

Getting a life insurance policy is the responsible thing to do when you have people who rely on you. With life insurance, you can leave something behind so that your loved ones aren’t financially devastated after you pass away. Many people don’t want to think about life insurance, but it’s essential to consider it and figure out how much your beneficiaries will need once you’re gone. Call us at Fuhriman Insurance Agency in Boise, ID, to get a policy and learn more. 

Term Life Insurance

This type of life policy has an active period and an expiration date. When you get one of these policies, it will be clear how long the policy will stay in effect. You will be given several years, such as 20, for which the policy is good. You’ll also be given an expiration date. Once that date rolls around, the policy expires. You’ll need to apply for a new policy to protect your loved ones again. This type of insurance is inexpensive and fits into a budget much better than a whole life. 

Whole Life Insurance

When you don’t want an expiration date, you might want to get a whole-life policy. These don’t ever expire. They stay good for as long as you live. Even if you become quite elderly, the policy will stay good. The trade-off is that this type of policy is more expensive than a term life policy. These policies also grow a monetary value you can borrow against during rough financial times. 

Get Life Insurance

Regardless of your choice, life insurance policies are a must for everyone. When you’re ready to choose a life insurance policy, you can contact us at Fuhriman Insurance Agency in Boise, ID.