Keep Awake When You’re Driving

When you are driving throughout Boise, Idaho you need to stay alert on the roads. Tens of thousands of accidents occur around the United States every year because someone is drowsy. Approximately 37% of drivers have even fallen asleep while being behind the wheel, and this is extremely dangerous. Even if you nod off for a few seconds, a lot can happen during that short time frame.

Here are five ways to stay more alert:

  1. Get more sleep – The National Sleep Foundation recommends that everyone gets at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night.
  2. Take Breaks – When you are driving long distance, you should take a break from driving every two hours or 100 miles so that you have a chance to relax your eyes and a little bit.
  3. Drive with Someone – Have another licensed driver in the vehicle with you when taking long trips so that the two of you can share driving responsibilities back and forth until you reach your destination.
  4. Keep Occupied – You need to focus on the road and make sure that you are awake, so you may want to talk to someone else in the car, listen to music, or focus on various other things on the road to ensure that you are not going to nod off.
  5. Be Honest – At some point, you may reach a time when you are simply unable to stay alert on the roads. Pull off at a rest area and take a nap, ask a friend to drive you home, or call for a taxi. Whatever you do, don’t risk driving if you think you are going to fall asleep.

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Keep Your Home Safe With These BBQ Tips

If you are going to grill at your home in Boise, it’s important to follow a variety of barbecue prep tips. This will keep you and your home as safe as can be.

Your grill should never be used inside of a garage or enclosed patio. This is because the smoke needs somewhere to go, away from your home. The general rule is to keep the grill at least 20 feet away from the structure of your home.

Always attend the grill. If you are going to walk away, you need to have someone else watch the grill or turn the heat off so that there is no chance of flames or a fire.

The grill should always be cleaned prior to lighting it. You may have excess grease from the last time you grill. If you have a gas grill, there is also a reservoir of grease and other items at the bottom that needs to be cleaned out from time to time. Anything heavy in oils can cause flames and you want to be cautious about this.

Invest in a fire extinguisher, and keep it near your grill. More importantly, understand how to use it so that if there is a fire, you can react quickly.

Any time that you are grilling, you want to stay alert. Don’t drink too heavily, and always keep children and flammable items at a distance. When you go to clean the grill, be sure everything is cool. Never throw hot briquettes into the garbage can, and always turn off the gas tank if you are cooking with gas.

By following a few simple BBQ tips, you can keep your home safer.

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