What Does Life Insurance Really Cover?

Life insurance may be one of those topics many people avoid. However, it can provide great peace of mind when an individual considers the needs of their family members. The beauty of a life insurance policy is that an individual can arrange it to meet the specific needs they feel require special attention. Are there minor children to think of? What about debt resolution? Is there a desire for a charitable donation? At Fuhriman Insurance Agency in the Boise, ID area we can help you make these decisions by providing information and life insurance policies that meet the needs of both you and your family. You’ll feel better just having the knowledge you need. From there you can make your choices and know that you’ve prepared your family for any eventuality. If you already have life insurance, it also pays to review it regularly. Term or universal policies may not keep up with the changes in your life. Come see us today and we’ll help you work it all out.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Is my life insurance policy up to date?
  • Does it reflect the needs of my growing family?
  • Does it reflect changes due to divorce as well?
  • Are my debts like retail debt, mortgage, and medical bills accounted for, and would my policy cover these?
  • Have I moved or changed work places?
  • Have I already made final arrangements, or is this an expense my family will have to consider?
  • Do I want term or universal life insurance?
  • What other arrangements can I make with my life insurance policy?

We’re pleased to serve the Boise, ID area and our agents at Fuhriman Insurance Agency have the resources to assist you in updating your policy. Call or visit today.