Defining Legal Liability In Your Industry

The truth about legal liability in any industry in Boise, ID? It’s flexible. That is to say: it comes down to whether or not the lawyer can make a good case. This is why getting a legal liability policy through Fuhriman Insurance Agency isn’t a bad idea, no matter what your field.

There are a lot of points along the pipeline where legal liability might be placed, and it generally comes down to what the lawyer wants to target, and whether the lawyer can convince the judge. If someone is injured on a vape pen, for instance, the problem might be that the vape pen was improperly stored at the shop. It could be a manufacturing issue, or it could be a defect with the charger. If it’s probably the shopkeeper’s fault, but the manufacturer is the one with deeper pockets, then the suit brought up will most likely prioritize the manufacturer.

This sounds quite cynical. It’s not that the truth has no place in the courts, rather, you have to consider whether or not you’re going to be made a target. Even if you make sure to run everything above board, providing safe products and services with properly trained staff, you still might be the one that is targeted for legal liability depending on a number of factors. Maybe the distributor you work with has a better legal team, so you’re an easier target, for instance. This may seem kind of paranoid, but we’re not talking about everyday concerns. More of your customers, partners and clients than not will be fair, reasonable people, and sometimes legal liability is a lot more cut and dry. But one of the big reasons to consider calling Fuhriman Insurance Agency for a legal liability policy is because you need protection just in case someone does put you in their crosshairs.

Will my insurance policy protect my collection in the event of a theft? What if the theft occurred outside the house?

The older you get, the more expensive your toys get sometimes. You may have a more discretional income to live out your dreams and have the things you’ve always wanted. If you have a toy or toy collection in Boise, ID, you know that you need to protect your toys from any kind of losses. While you may expect damage that occurs from accidents, you also need protection from theft. Due to their nature, your toys present attractive targets to potential thieves.

While not everyone understands the importance of toys for grown-ups, we at Fuhriman Insurance Agency understand how important it is to have your toys for fun and relaxation. ATVs, speedboats and other kinds of grown-up toys. You need to know your insurance policy will cover you in case of loss after you have made the investment.

The bottom line will always be what your contract states. You can obtain a special insurance policy to cover your toys or add on to your other insurance policies. Your insurance will cover theft up to your policy limits, so you need to discuss with your insurance agent how losses are calculated. 

Your losses will also be covered even if you were not at home or on your own property. Whether the theft occurred during transport or use, you will be reimbursed for acts of theft.

If your current coverage isn’t adequate for your needs, or if you want to explore your options and possibly find a new policy entirely, contact Fuhriman Insurance Agency today. Serving Boise, ID, we will be happy to help you explore all your options.