Safe Riding in Boise: Motorcycle Deer Season Tips

Boise, Idaho has a large amount of wildlife in it’s untamed surrounding Rocky Mountain environs, so motorcycle riders must learn to always be on-guard when they are out on the road. Animals can unexpectedly dart out into the road which could cause an accident at any time, resulting in damage and minor injury at the very least, if not much worse. While this is a problem year-round, deer season is an especially dangerous time, as deer tend to be more prevalent than any other time of year. Hitting one on a motorcycle is dangerous, so there are a few things that motorcyclists should concentrate on when riding in Boise, Idaho during deer season.

First, don’t go way over the speed limit, even if you know the roads. This is because you may have to suddenly slam on the brakes if a deer runs out in front of your bike and excessive speed may not allow you to stop in time. Second, always wear a helmet. While this is state law anyway, many riders don’t wear helmets, endangering themselves in general but even more so when they have to stop when avoiding hitting a deer. Third, make sure you have a good insurance policy during deer season that will cover both you and your bike in the event you hit a deer. The Fuhriman Insurance Agency will cover you and your motorcycle on this front, as they serve the greater Boise, Idaho area. And last, make sure you know the warning signs when there are more deer that may cross the road. As deer travel in groups, watch out for others following close behind who might dart out in front of you. Just because you avoided one, doesn’t mean there aren’t more crossing nearby.

Why Motorcycles Are Stolen

Having a motorcycle is more than a means of transportation. It is a way of life. So, if your motorcycle is stolen, it is a punch in the stomach. That is why you need to understand why motorcycles are stolen and what you can do to prevent this from happening. If your bike is stolen in Boise, less than a third of motorcycles are recovered. This is because most are moved out of state or sent to chop shops. At Fuhriman Insurance Agency, we are also motorcycle owners and want to make sure you never have to deal with this kind of a situation. Of course, our motorcycle insurance can protect you, but it is always best to skip out on this issue all together. 

Easily Hidden

When parking your motorcycle, you might first think to hide simply it away. The problem with this is if someone sees the motorcycle and wants to steal it, nobody is going to see them taking it. It can be easy money when stolen. That is why you need to park the bike close to a point of entrance and by security cameras. 

Not Locked Down

Most motorcycles are not locked down. It might not seem to be the coolest thing to do, but if a bike isn’t locked down through the wheel, a skilled thief knows how to bypass the steering lock and, more or less, roll the bike out and take it. That is why you need to lock the wheel down whenever you park the bike. It makes it less of a target and harder to steal. 

Easy Money

The main reason motorcycles are taken is because it is easy money. A bike can be chopped and sold for thousands of dollars. So, protect your bike to avoid this kind of issue.