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Auto Insurance in Idaho

As Idaho's capital city - and it's most highly populated city - there is no doubt that Boise is a popular place to live. Naturally, so many people in one city means some very crowded streets at times, so having auto insurance coverage from a Boise, ID, company like the Fuhriman Insurance Agency is essential. Not only is it the state law to have car insurance, it is also a matter of personal protection. Here are the basic facts about auto insurance in the Boise area.

Liability Insurance

Perhaps the most critical part of Boise, ID auto insurance is Idaho car liability coverage. Your insurance agents can explain the exact limits that you are required to adhere to as a resident of the state. This coverage is there to pay for damage that you could accidentally cause to other drivers and to other vehicles. It does, however, not provide any coverage for you personally.

Collision and Comprehensive Insurance

These two kinds of Boise, ID auto insurance are often joined together and offered in one Idaho car insurance package. These types of coverage are not required by the law, but your insurance agents will typically ask if you would like them so you can be properly protected.

Collision coverage is there for situations such as dents and other collision related damage to your vehicle, even when you're the one who caused it to happen. Comprehensive coverage is there for situations that don't include collision: Basically, everything else. This can include theft, damage from the weather, fire, and much more.

The law requires that all residents in this area have at least liability insurance coverage. However, you can team up with your Fuhriman Insurance Agency agent to create a custom policy that has all the additional coverage you need. We have live comparative quotes, which means we always give you several options from major insurance agencies at once. You can generate free quotes online or call us by phone anytime!

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