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Renters Insurance Quotes

Renters Insurance

With temperatures that average about 50 degrees Fahrenheit year round, a steadily growing population, which was 212,303 in 2012, up 14.3 percent from 2000, it isn’t surprising that people are finally discovering that Boise is a fantastic small city to live in. The cost of living is considerably lower than the natural average, and that includes very affordable rental rates.

One of the city’s greatest assets is the Greenbelt that spans 25 miles through the city. This popular park space gives residents and visitors a chance to enjoy riparian areas, wildlife, and trails for hiking, running, or walking. The greenbelt has even become aa commuting alternative for people who live and work in the city, but don’t want to drive or take public transportation.

The Idaho Department of Insurance suggests that anyone who rents the place they live in should have renters insurance. Think of it as something like homeowners insurance, but with coverage that’s geared towards renters. Renters need to understand that their property is never covered under the insurance the landlord has.

Renter’s or Tenant’s insurance typically consists of a special coverage package combining liability, medical expenses for property-related injuries, personal possessions and living expenses for damage that prevents you from living in your home.

You can learn about renters insurance policies and compare the coverage and prices on different policies using the comparison tool on the Boise ID Fuhriman Insurance Agency website.

Added endorsements may cover your possessions for replacement cost instead of actual cash value, which gives you back what you paid, minus money the insurer deducts for use.

It is always best to buy your renters insurance from an independent insurance agency.

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