Ensure That Your Personal Property Coverage Exceeds the Value of Your Possessions

One of the main coverages included in most renters insurance policies is personal property protection. Designed to insure your belongings against a variety of perils, this coverage will reimburse you if your possessions are damaged or lost in a covered incident. In order to have your belongings fully insured, your renters insurance policy’s personal property protection limits need to exceed the value of your belongings.

Personal Property Coverage Limits

Like all insurance coverages, personal property coverage includes limits that determine the maximum amount your insurance policy will pay for a covered loss. Your insurer won’t reimburse you more than your coverage’s limits, and your coverage may include different limits for different types of belongings. Your coverage’s limits should exceed the total value of your covered possessions.

Sometimes, renters are tempted to lower their personal property coverage in order to reduce their premiums. Doing this leaves you vulnerable, though.

Finding Affordable Coverage

Instead of sacrificing your coverage to save on your insurance premiums, you should shop around for a more affordable renters insurance policy. At Fuhriman Insurance Agency, our independent insurance agents make it easy to find the lowest-priced policy in Idaho. In just a short while, they can pull up multiple quotes and compare them with your current premiums. If there is a cheaper option, they can help you switch.

If you live in Boise, ID, or anywhere else in the state, contact our agents through our website to find affordable personal property coverage. The entire process is quick, and it could save you a few dollars every month without sacrificing your coverage.



Keep Your Car in Shape During the Summer Months

For many people in Boise, ID, summer is a season of fitness. It’s the best time of year for enjoying the outdoors. For cars, however, the summer months can take a toll. Just as you like to stay in shape throughout the summer, it’s important to keep your car in shape during the hottest months of the year. Here are some of the best tips we have complied at Fuhriman Insurance Agency have on how to keep your car running well during the summer.

Keep Your Car Properly Maintained

Auto maintenance can’t be neglected during the summer months, even though it may be tempting to forgo an oil change in favor of a few more hours at the beach. No matter how busy you are this summer, be sure to:

  • go to a car wash after driving through a construction zone to wash of debris left on your car
  • keep your tires properly inflated to the PSI levels stipulated in your owner’s manual
  • never skip an oil change

The third item, having your oil changed on time, is especially important if you plan on taking any road trips this summer. Skipping an oil change will could cause damage to your car’s engine during your road trip or in a few years.

Keep Your Auto Insurance Updated

It’s also easy to forget about your auto insurance during the busy summer months. If you have any significant changes to your own financial situation or your car, however, you should review your auto insurance policy with an independent insurance agent who is licensed in Idaho. They can help you make sure your policy is still current or help you find a new one if it’s not.

If you haven’t compared your auto insurance to policies that are currently on the market, log onto our website. We make it easy to find out what premiums insurers are charging right now for different coverages, and we have explanations of the different coverages available. If you need additional assistance, call one of our independent insurance agents at Fuhriman Insurance Agency.