Is Home Insurance Mandatory in Idaho?

Home insurance in Idaho state is not mandatory. However, Idaho is a state of diverse weather which poses risks all year round for property owners. That said, if you are a homeowner in Idaho, home insurance should be a must-have. One unpredictable event could bring down your entire home, and the consequences can be devastating.

That said, even though the state of Idaho does not require one to have home insurance, it’s a crucial asset that all homeowners must purchase. If you buy home insurance from Fuhriman Insurance Agency, you enjoy the below benefits.

It offers you liability protection

Accidents can happen within your home compound. For instance, someone can trip on stairs or drown in your swimming pool. Unfortunately, you can be sued for that. We all know how expensive legal charges are. Home insurance will protect you from legal responsibilities.

It protects you from natural or human-made disasters

Because Idaho weather is diverse, a natural calamity like hail, sandstorms, or lightning can occur and destroy your house. Luckily, comprehensive home insurance will protect you from damages or losses caused by the insured natural calamity. Besides protecting you from natural disasters, comprehensive home insurance protects you from homemade disasters like thefts, riots, and vandalism.

It provides you with temporary living expenses

In case of an unfortunate event that reduces your home to being inhabitable, the insurance provides you with temporary accommodation as they renovate or rebuild your home.

It protects your personal belongings

In addition to covering the structure of your house, home insurance has coverage that protects your contents in case of damage or loss. These contents may include clothing, furniture, appliances, and much more.

Home insurance in Boise, ID

No matter where you reside in Idaho, your home is an excellent investment that needs protection. Home insurance from Fuhriman Insurance Agency is all you need if you live in Boise, ID, and its environs. Contact us today for an affordable quote.