Risky Times When You May Need More Life Insurance

For some, insurance may seem complex or even a bit boring. At Fuhriman Insurance Agency of Boise, ID, we have a different point of view. We see insurance as a valuable financial and asset protection product that helps secure our clients’ futures. Insurance can evolve and adjust with changes in your life.

A good example is life insurance. There are times when risks in your life can be reduced through an increase in life insurance. Here are a few.

When You Have a Child

Having children increases your responsibilities and risks. These responsibilities last through a child’s early adulthood, so parents should increase life insurance during this period.

When You Buy a Home

Whether you finance a home for 15, 20, or 30 years, additional life insurance can cover your remaining mortgage balance. Many will buy 20—or 30-year term insurance to provide additional protection during these years.

When Buying or Starting a Business

Buying or starting a business gives you additional responsibilities to your business partners and employees. If you are also a key employee, that increases the risks to your business in the event of your death. Additional life insurance can help cover the risks and responsibilities of ownership until your company can mature.

Peak Earning Years

The amount of life insurance you carry should be reflective of your earning power. When your income is rising, so should the life insurance you carry.

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