Safety for Driving With Kids

Staying safe on the road is one way to keep your insurance costs low. When kids are in the car, it can feel challenging to ensure everyone is traveling safely. Here at Fuhriman Insurance Agency, we aim to help residents of Boise, ID, and the surrounding areas learn more about road safety and auto insurance. Keep reading to learn about safety tips for driving with kids. 

Clear Car Rules

Getting kids on board with rules is much easier when they know what is expected of them. This is why it is essential that you set clear-cut car rules. Some suggestions might be:

  • Seatbelts are worn at all times
  • Soft inside voices while riding
  • Pause fighting and arguing until you have exited the car

When rules are clearly defined and consistently enforced, it is easier for children to follow the rules and remember how important they are. 

Choose Toys Carefully

You should only allow your children to have and play with toys in the vehicle that will not pose a potential risk to you as the driver. It is better to restrict certain toys than to run the risk of the toy causing an accident. Toys that fly or float should not be allowed, such as toy airplanes that can be thrown or balloons. You might also want to limit toys that make loud sudden noises. 

Enforce Car Seat Laws/Rules

It is vital that you follow car seat and booster seat recommendations for your children. You should check with your local police station to find out what car seat requirements are in your area. 

If you want to learn about auto insurance, please get in touch with us at Fuhriman Insurance Agency, serving Boise, ID, and the surrounding areas. 

Little Known Factors that can Increase Home Insurance Premiums

Citizens in Boise, ID need to make sure they are informed when it comes to home insurance premiums. While the location and the size of the home are universal factors that everyone understands, there are several important factors that fly under the radar when calculating home insurance costs. Do not neglect these factors when deciding what additions to add to a home.

First on the list is a trampoline. While kids love trampolines and need the exercise, insurance companies have started raising home insurance rates for homes with trampolines. This is because trampolines lead to thousands of hospital visits every year. People can bounce off of the edge and break bones. Limbs can get trapped in the springs and suffer significant injuries. When hospital visits occur, the insurance company is frequently on the hook for the bills. Therefore, insurance companies have started charging higher premiums for homes with trampolines.

Next, swimming pools can also lead to higher premiums. People commonly run around the pool deck and wind up falling on the edge, sustaining significant injuries that lead to hospital visits. Furthermore, people can drown in the pool. In fact, hundreds of people drown in pools every year. Many of these drownings take place in home pools. All of these are costs the insurance company might have to pay for. Therefore, homeowners with pools wind up paying higher home insurance premiums.

Lastly, even home decks can lead to a higher home insurance rate. People can fall off of the deck and hurt themselves, leading to more hospital visits. Because insurance companies understand the risk with home decks, they will charge higher premiums for homes with decks. Owners can mitigate these costs by adding a railing.

Home insurance rates in Boise, ID are heavily impacted by these little-known factors above. Do not overlook these facets of home insurance when making purchases for home use. An insurance company might decide to charge higher premiums.

Growth and Expansion with Commercial Insurance

Meridian, ID is home to a wide selection of exciting opportunities and vacation destinations. Taking a slide at Roaring Springs Waterpark is always fun, and The Village Cinema offers brand-new family options for visitors and locals alike. The Meridian Speedway never fails to captivate patrons, and Eagle Road stretches across the area—making each destination easily accessible.

Protecting Expenses and Boosting Opportunities

Such areas are accommodating for business ventures and lucrative opportunities. Within the area, maintaining commercial real estate may be difficult when protection isn’t acquired. Similarly, commercial insurance guarantees freedom of expansion and overall maneuverability within different campaigns, offering increases in:

  • Company size

  • Budget scale

  • Industry accessibility

  • Asset security

Loss and Liability Protection

Many insurance agencies protect businesses from catastrophic losses. Where fires, storms and environmental disasters occur—business coverage buffers impending closure and unrest due to increased expenses.

Similarly, liability coverage protects a business premises from a variety of liability-related expenses, including:

  • Business automotive damages

  • Customer injuries

  • Theft

  • Litigation

Coverage Options and Accessibility

Commercial insurance quotes offer great opportunities for business professionals and prospective industry leaders. Don’t get caught in the stream without adequate coverage, and compare quotes within our online database to obtain customized options.

Safety and security are always important. While Idaho laws and regulations differ from industry to industry, a wealth of options are available for owners seeking options. Whether commercial property is leased or owned, designed coverage policies increase business operations while defending fundamental company services. Commercial insurance begins with agents—and it ends with options and highly rated solutions.

Each comparable quote represents our finest collection of Idaho providers, and intensive coverage is accessible based upon industry regulations. With an intelligent approach and intensive information, our wide array of opportunities are virtually limitless for commercial insurance seekers, expanding growth, protection and scale opportunities.

Protect Your Business in Garden City, ID, with the Right Commercial Insurance

When you decide to open up your very own business in Garden City, ID, you are opening yourself up to a wealth of issues. With today's economy, owning and operating your own business can be a huge risk. However, you don't have to carry the weight of that risk alone. In fact, that's where our independent insurance agents come into play.

Whether you are starting a business or you are already running a business in Garden City, we can help find the right commercial insurance program that will meet your specific needs as well as your budget. There are a variety of coverages that you can choose, including general liability, property insurance, commercial auto insurance, employee benefits and even risk management.

Understanding Why Commercial Insurance Is an Absolute Must

In order to fully understand how commercial business insurance can help you in various times of need, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What kind of position would you be in if you were to find out that the UPS delivery guy slipped and fell just outside of your office while delivering a package to your business?

  2. How would you handle having merchandise stolen from your office or warehouse?

  3. What would happen if your employee caused an accident with another vehicle, the driver of which was seriously injured?

  4. How would you handle an employee making a discrimination claim against you and your company?

All of the above-mentioned situations can occur as a business owner in Garden City, Idaho. Would you be able to afford to deal with these issues at-hand? More than likely, you wouldn't be able to come up with the costs out of your pocket. However, with the right commercial business insurance, you may be covered in situations like these and many more.

Protect Your Business Today!

In order to get the right type of insurance coverage for your business in the 83714 community, you need to take the time to sit down with one of our independent insurance agents who can obtain several commercial insurance quotes on your behalf. We are more than happy to take the time to discuss your individual needs and potential options for various levels of coverage with you. Don't delay in protecting you and your business, give us a call today!

Snow in Meridian, ID Presents Unique Home Insurance Needs

Meridian, ID is the third largest city in Idaho. As such, it has a lot to offer anyone who lives, works, or visits it. It is the home of the renowned Meridian Symphony Orchestra, a public art gallery located in the city hall, and 17 public parks with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. There is also a large outdoor mall, a racetrack, and an urban farmer’s market that is held every Thursday night in the summer. There is never a lack of activities for people of all ages in Meridian, and its backdrop of majestic natural scenery is amazing.

Naturally, as a large city, many people move to Meridian to work or go to school. While summers are mild, winters can be pretty rough, with lots of snow and even blizzards. That’s why it is important for homeowners to make sure they have enough coverage on their homeowners insurance when they move to this charming city. Anyone coming from an area without so much winter snow may not know just how much coverage they need in a snowy location. It’s far better to talk to a local agent and increase your coverage than be caught without it if the winter weather damages your home in some way.

A good idea is to take your current policy to your local Fuhriman Insurance Agency representative and discuss your options. You can also get an instant homeowners insurance quote on our website. Just tell us about your home in Meridian and you will get an instant amount sent back to you for the coverage you need. Whether you talk to a Fuhriman agent in person or get a quote online, be sure to look at your insurance policy and increase your coverage if necessary before winter arrives. You’ll be glad you took the time to protect your home.

Make Sure Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage is the Best

Garden City, ID is part of the greater Boise area, and is, in fact, mostly surrounded by that larger metropolitan city (though it maintains its own municipal government). This means it is right up close to all of the many Boise attractions. The Boise Art Museum and the Idaho Historical Museum are two of those popular attractions. A thriving indie music and theater scene are right there, as is the Boise Philharmonic. There is also a monthly art gallery stroll, and a large convention center that hosts famous national and international acts. In addition, there are plenty of malls, gourmet restaurants and cafes, and lots of outdoor areas with beautiful western scenery.

As a Garden City homeowner, you no doubt love your city. The area has a very high quality of life, and plenty to offer everyone of all ages. It is also extremely family friendly. The love you have for your home city means you want to do everything you can to protect your place there. This means protecting your home through an appropriate level of coverage on your homeowners insurance.

This means knowing whether you need additional damage protection or liability coverage. The weather can get pretty wild in the winter in Garden City, with lots of snow and blizzards. These can sometimes damage your home. If someone comes onto your property and slips and falls on hidden ice or other hazards you should have cleaned up long ago, you may discover yourself on the receiving end of a personal injury lawsuit or claim. These expenses can quickly bankrupt you. If you have good insurance coverage, however, your finances and your home will be protected.

Talk to a local agent at the Fuhriman Insurance Agency today to discuss your unique coverage needs in the 83714 zip code are. You can also get an instant quote online. Do it today, and protect the home and life in Garden City you've worked so hard to build for yourself and your family.

Find Car Insurance Quotes In Meridian

Throughout Meridian, there are many things to keep residents busy all year long. The Parks & Recreation issues an Activity Guide for each season, listing the various community events as well as activities that exist for the little ones. The city is the third largest in the state and one of the fastest growing as well.

When you are searching for cheap car insurance in Meridian, ID, we are here to help you. We are one of the premier agencies in the state and know what it takes to find an affordable quote for you.

There are many things that go into a car insurance quote, including the type of car you drive, your driving record, and even your zip code. Receiving multiple quotes is important so you can find out which company has the lowest rate and will provide you with all of the other features you may want, such as roadside assistance.

We will take the time to go over all of the options with car insurance, including personal and property liability, comprehensive coverage, and even collision coverage. The state of Idaho has minimum levels of liability that you must maintain, but after that, it is up to you as to what you want to carry. We can help you to achieve the necessary balance between protection and affordability.

When you have the right level of insurance, you can drive around Meridian and even explore more of the Treasure Valley and have peace of mind knowing that you are covered in the event of an accident. Even if you drive out of the state for vacation or business, you have the coverage needed to avoid worrying about anything.

Call us to get quotes on car insurance in Meridian now!

Car Insurance Quotes In Garden City, ID Are Easy

Garden City, Idaho was named as a result of all of the gardens created by the Chinese immigrants within the city. It is part of the Boise-City-Nampa metropolitan area and therefore means that drivers are going to be exposed to a fair bit of traffic. The good news is that with the city being relatively affluent with a low crime rate, it can result in lower insurance rates than what is found elsewhere in the country!

Various art galleries exist throughout Garden City and within a short drive, you can find yourself in Boise.

When you are searching for car insurance, you want to find agents who understand the rules in Idaho. The state has minimum requirements for liability and these need to be followed. You can always choose to obtain more than the minimum and this is why it’s advantageous to get a few different quotes.

Our goal is to help you find coverage for your car wherever you go. There are various components that go into a quote and one of our knowledgeable agents will walk you through the entire process. We will collect information about your car, your ZIP code and more. If you live in the 83714 ZIP code, then we need to know this to help determine the cost of your insurance.

Once everything has been factored in, we can go about finding you a great rate on your insurance. We will talk to you about the minimums, make recommendations on the different types of coverage and help you to find affordable insurance. We will go the extra mile to find out what you do in Garden City and beyond in order to find as many discounts as possible.

Learn more about how to obtain the best car insurance quotes by calling for your quotes today!