Hiring a Contractor to Prep Your Home for Winter Weather

Your house is designed to protect your family throughout the year, but it was also intended to have routine maintenance conducted in order to hold its integrity against the weather. Autumn is always a good time to consider what work may be beneficial toward maintaining your house as a home, simply because summer storms and winter freezes cause different issues which build on each other. Repairing damage from summer storms prepares your house against the upcoming winter weather.

Typically, your insurance isn’t going to cover routine maintenance charges. With that concept in mind, it never hurts to speak to your insurance agent when discussing maintenance or upgrades to your home with a contractor. Your contractor may be able to justify legitimate damage which allows your insurance agent to offset at least part of the cost. The agent, on the other hand, may be able to suggest a minor change in how the job is approached which allows the contractor to bill the insurance company for some or all of the work to be conducted.

Typical winter preparedness includes a few minor tasks such as cleaning the gutters, inspecting your furnace, and assuring your siding and windows are doing their jobs of keeping heat in and cold out. When you hire a contractor to prepare your home for the upcoming winter weather, you should also speak with a representative from Fuhriman Insurance Agency. Even if the repairs aren’t covered by your current policy, the fact you take such great care of your home might be a consideration toward future insurance expenses. Furthermore, preemptive maintenance always pays for itself by preventing more expensive damage which can happen later if the house isn’t prepared against the weather.