5 Ways to Decrease Your Home Insurance Premiums

The cost of homeowners insurance in Boise, ID can vary depending on several factors that may seem out of your control.  While some factors are determined by things you can’t do anything about, such as location, the material your home is made from, or the rates of home insurance in the marketplace, there are things you can change.  Here are 5 ways you can decrease your home insurance premiums.

  • Deductible – Raising your home insurance deductible, the amount you pay towards a loss, can decrease your home insurance up to 25%.  If you put this amount of money in a savings account, you can make money by keeping a higher deductible amount set aside.
  • Security – Improving home security can save up to 5%.  For example, adding smoke detectors to each level of the home, having fire extinguishers in easy access areas, installing burglar alarms, and deadbolt locks will all help.
  • Rebuilding Cost – Don’t confuse the home’s rebuilding costs with how much you paid for your home.  Remember, the land isn’t at risk for damage, so you only need insurance for the cost of rebuilding the home.
  • Good Credit – Maintaining a good credit history can decrease home insurance rates because insurance companies use credit information in determining rates.
  • Loyalty – Using the same insurance company for your insurance needs can make you eligible for up to 15% in discounts depending on what’s insured.

Fuhriman Insurance Agency

If you own a home in the Boise, ID area, you want to work with a community trusted company like the Fuhriman Insurance Agency.  Our independent agents will help you explore your home insurance discount options.  We can also give you helpful suggestions of things you can do to give you more discount opportunities.