What Happens If You Don’t Buy Workers Comp Insurance as an Employer?

By law, everyone who employees one or more person in Idaho is required to have some form of workers compensation coverage. This may be placing a bond with the state, having a self-administered program or purchasing workers compensation insurance. Here at Fuhriman Insurance Agency, serving the Boise, ID area, we are often asked what happens if an employer does carry workers compensation coverage through one of the options allowed by the state. Here is the answer. 

Who is Required to Have Coverage?

In the state of Idaho, you are required to have workers compensation coverage if you have one or more employee who works for your business. This law excludes business partners and owners, as well as a potential spouse who may be working for you. In most cases, the law also excludes any freelance employees. All other employees must be covered by a workers compensation coverage plan. 

What Happens If You Don’t Have Worker’s Compensation Coverage?

If you do not have worker’s compensation coverage, there are many potential problems you could encounter. You could be forced to pay a fine by the state, you may face increased premiums when you finally do get insurance, and if an employee becomes injured and you lack coverage, you may be forced to pay for their injuries and future compensation out of your business or personal money. 

If you are looking to meet the worker’s compensation coverage guidelines required by the state of Idaho, Fuhriman Insurance Agency, serving the Boise, ID area, can help. Contact us today to discuss your needs and let us provide you with a quote.