What coverage does renters insurance provide

Less than half of all renters carry renters insurance. It is unclear whether they think that their landlord covers them or they don’t understand what is at stake if you don’t have it. In Boise, ID, at the Fuhriman Insurance Agency, we are an independent insurance agency, and we can show you how important protecting yourself with renters insurance is. 

Personal property

Much of what you own as a renter is probably located within your rental. Imagine a fire or tornado destroyed your rental property and all of your possessions. Would you be able to replace everything easily? What about if your rental was burglarized and your valuables stolen? How would you cope? If you have renters insurance, you will be able to replace the things that you lost. It is stressful enough to have to go through a loss, but wondering how you are going to pay for it is a stress you can avoid. Your possessions are covered away from home as well. 


If someone is visiting your rental and gets injured, they may have medical expenses and could sue you for damages. Renters insurance protects against legal action and the costs that may accompany it. 

Loss of use

If your rental is damaged so badly that it is not habitable, where would you go, and how would you pay for it? If you have rental insurance, it should have loss of use coverage so that you can get temporary lodging and some meals paid for if you cannot cook. It helps make a stressful situation less stressful.  

If you call Boise, ID home, you can count on the Fuhriman Insurance Agency to provide for all your renter’s insurance needs. Call our office today to get a no-obligation quote.