Meridian, Idaho: “Built for business …designed for living”

If you live or own a business in the Meridian, Idaho area, you’ve likely heard the slogan "Built for business …designed for living.” There are a lot of good reasons to take stock in the slogan as Meridian continues to grow to what is now the third largest community in the state. A quick visit to the Meridian Chamber of Commerce will reveal a list of Meridian’s best places to eat, shop and stay. You can learn about jobs in the area and get details on how to get involved. There are almost an unending series of events in our community that help keep us active.

Businesses are blossoming in our area for many reasons, not the least of which is a growing population. But there also is an expectation of excellence here that keeps everyone on their toes. Competition makes everyone a better business person.

We see it every day in our business as an independent insurance agency. Independent agencies can help commercial insurance clients seek out the best rates possible from a variety of insurance providers. These providers have to compete for the business. Ones who provide the best coverage at the most affordable prices do well.

The challenge is if you don’t compare, you will never know. You may continue to just keep paying rates that are too high, without even knowing.

That’s why we challenge you to try us. Visit our website and get a comparative quote on your homeowners or auto insurance, or perhaps both. We think you’ll see savings that will encourage you to contact us for your commercial insurance.

If you are a business owner in Meridian, keep up the good work. But don’t stop looking for ways to better spend your money. Contact us at Fuhriman Insurance Agency to get commercial insurance quotes that are more than competitive.

3 Things You May Not Know About Garden City, Idaho

If you live or work in Garden City, Idaho you are probably pretty familiar with our community of about 11,000 residents. There are some things you may not be fully aware of however. Here are three.

  1. Did you know that Garden City was named so because of the gardens that were planted by Chinese immigrants? In fact, one of our main thoroughfares in called Chinden Boulevard, a combination of the words China and garden. In the 2010 U.S. Census, only 1.4 percent of our community is Asian, exactly the same percentage as in the year 2000.
  2. You may have heard of the Garden City Library, but did you know it has over 36,000 fiction and non-fiction books? It also has over 3,000 audio books and close to 3,500 DVDs and videos.
  3. Are you aware our area has experienced nine periods when the temperature reached 100 or more degrees for 5 straight days or more. The record streak is nine straight days of 100-plus degree days.

If you own a business in Garden City you may also not know the difference between getting your commercial insurance from an independent or a captive agent. A captive insurance agent represents the products of a single company. An independent agency has access to multiple providers. That can mean better, more affordable commercial insurance rates.

At Fuhriman Insurance Agency, we are proud to serve Garden City businesses. Our independent agents can get quotes from a variety of insurance companies, potentially saving you money. We can also save you on your personal lines of insurance as well. Visit our website and get an online quote for auto or homeowners insurance.

For business insurance in the 83714 zip code and surrounding area, contact us and see the difference our independent agency status can mean for you. We are Fuhriman Insurance Agency and we would appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

How Do I Save Money On Home Insurance In Meridian?

Meridian, Idaho is a quickly growing city within the Boise metropolitan area. The home values are higher than what’s found in the rest of the state, though residents continue to move into the city. There are many things to do and there is a lot of new construction, providing shopping, employment opportunities, and entertainment.

As a homeowner, you need to purchase home insurance. However, you don’t want to spend more than what’s necessary. The question becomes how you go about saving money on your policy.

Step 1 – Work with independent agents

We have independent agents to help you in Idaho. This is your chance to ask questions about coverage options, learn about the various companies that do business in the state, and obtain quotes from the different companies so you can save as much money as possible by comparing rates.

Step 2 – Talk about the features of your home

Your home in Meridian may have all sorts of features to save you money. This can include a security system, film on the windows, safety switches on electrical appliances, and much more. Disclose the details of your home because there may be ways to save money that you weren’t aware of.

Step 3 – Look for discounts

There are some discounts that may be available to you. Working with independent agents can help you to purchase home insurance for less. They will actively find the various discounts that you qualify for, which can include:

– Retired military

– Have multiple policies from same insurance company

– Energy efficient home

– Member to AAA, USAA, or other organizations

It’s always a good idea to find out what you qualify for and agents can make it simple by doing a majority of the work on your behalf.

When you’re ready to save on home insurance in Meridian, call us to see how we can help.

4 Things To Learn From Home Insurance Quotes

Garden City, Idaho is a beautiful place to live. It’s a relatively quiet area with a population of close to 10,000 people. It’s far enough away from Boise that it’s not part of the metropolitan area, but close enough for people to be able to commute and visit for the various shopping and entertainment opportunities.

Home insurance is a must as a way of protecting your home. You want the very best in coverage and that’s why you will want to work with our insurance agency. We’re independent from any of the insurance companies in Idaho and this allows us to take the best approach for getting you a policy that is affordable and provides peace of mind.

When you get quotes, there are some things you will want to look at, including:

– The level of coverage

– The amount of coverage for each item

– The cost of the coverage

– The reputation of the insurance company

It’s great to get quotes, but you have to know what they really mean. For example, you need to look at the full level of coverage and how much you are protected against in all areas, otherwise you may be spending a lot of money after making a claim anyways, which defeats the purpose of having home insurance.

You can have affordable coverage and front a reputable insurance company. By working with our agency, we ensure you get quotes from companies you can count on. We look at ones that have longevity within the community of Garden City and who are known for paying claims quickly.

We want to help you get home insurance in Idaho and that’s why we have the most knowledgeable agents around. Call today and let us help you get quotes to start making comparisons.

5 Things To Have Ready When Getting Quotes

Many people choose to live in Garden City, Idaho as it is close enough to Boise to offer a simple commute. The home values are a little lower here than elsewhere in the state and it is also quieter than the hustle and bustle of the big city. The majority of things to do in the area are located within Boise, so many people are on the roads throughout the 83714 area.

When you want to get quotes for car insurance, you can work with agents. There are a lot of things that the agents will ask you in order to get the best pricing, so you want to have everything ready.

VIN Number

The VIN is going to provide details about your car to the car insurance company, including make and model and safety features.

Driver’s License Number

Your driver’s license number will be needed to run a simple report. This will tell them about speeding tickets and other information on your record to determine the cost of quotes.

Accident History

Whether it took place in the 83714 area or not, you will want to list off any accidents that took place over the past three years.

Desired Coverage Levels

You should have an idea as to what kind of coverage you want for your car insurance in Garden City. You can choose the minimum levels as required by the state of Idaho or choose to add onto the liability and obtain collision and comprehensive insurance.


There may be all sorts of discounts available to you and our agents will work hard to get you the most that are out there. You will want to have all affiliations at the forefront of your mind, such as USAA, AAA, and more.

Contact us today and let us get you some car insurance quotes!

Can A Learner’s Permit Affect Car Insurance?

Boise is a major metropolitan city in Idaho. There are many attractions, including the Boise National Forest, the Egyptian Theatre, and much more. The economy is booming and residents can enjoy working for a number of top employers.

When you live in Boise, there are some things to understand with adding a learners permit to your policy. Once you have a licensed student driver, it’s important to contact your car insurance company and add them to the policy.

What you need to understand is that a learner’s permit is going to affect your car insurance in some dramatic ways. If you simply add without paying attention to details, the policy could become very expensive. This is because of the added risk of a new driver suddenly on the roads.

Another way the permit can affect your insurance is because of the coverage. You can choose to keep the coverage the same as you have had it throughout Idaho. However, it is recommended that you add to the overall liability as a way of protecting you and your family.

If your child with the learner’s permit gets into an accident, it could result in a lot of damages or personal injuries. You will depend on your insurance to cover all of the expenses. In order for this to happen, the coverage levels need to be at the necessary amounts. If they are too low, you could find yourself responsible for all of the remaining amounts – and this can be a substantial amount of money. Our agents can talk to you about the best level of coverage.

You can call one of our independent agents where we can go over some of the different options available to you in Boise. Adding a learner’s permit can be simple and without being too expensive!