Steps to Take After a Car Accident

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Reporting an Accident 

Drivers need to contact their insurance carrier as soon as possible after the accident. Your insurance company will need information to conduct a claim investigation. Drivers involved in a car accident should also take pictures of their cars afterward.

Determining Who Is at Fault 

According to the Idaho Department of Insurance, the driver at fault will be determined after an investigation by the insurance company. Both drivers might be found to be at fault. Many people don’t know that fault is not automatically assigned to a driver who has been issued a ticket for a traffic violation.

Car Rental Coverage 

If damages from a car accident result in car repairs, you may wonder if your insurance will cover a rental car. If your auto insurance approves payment for a rental car, the payment will continue when repairs are made. Your policy will limit the amount of car rental reimbursement. Some insurance companies will not pay for a rental car if your car is declared a total loss. 

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