Protect Your Business and Patrons with Commercial Insurance

You read the headlines everyday: "Monster Storm Destroys Homes," "Killer Winter Causes Damage," and "Rising Waters Require Evacuations"

Weather keeps breaking records with its destructiveness.  You think you are prepared with your current insurance policy, but have you taken into consideration all that you stand to lose when Mother Nature destroys your place of business?

You probably have your company’s equipment and the physical building protected from damage. However, your customers leave their computers for repair, drop off valuable jewelry for cleaning, or have their wedding tuxedos waiting to be picked up at your location.  Not only are their physical belongings taking shelter under your roof, their personal information is stored in your computers and company files. Do you have the right coverage in place such that when a blizzard smashes your front window or collapses your roof, you have their best interests covered while protecting your future relationship with those who keep you in business.

Perhaps you bought your current policy when you were just starting out with only the minimum liability in place.  Business has been booming over the past decade and now you are responsible for much more inventory.  It is time to review your commercial insurance policies with a knowledgeable agent who is prepared to assist you in protecting the future of your business, covering the many contingencies that a wild storm may bring with it.

Fuhriman Insurance Agency serving the Boise, ID area is eager to take the time to review your current commercial insurance coverage and ensure you are prepared to weather any storm that may come your way.  Give them a call oat 877-342-7935 to make an appointment today.