Fun For The Kids Indoors This Winter In Boise

You want to plan some fun for the kids this winter, especially when they’re not playing outside. It can be dreadful for kids to be cooped up in the house with no fun in sight. By taking some action, your home in Boise can be filled with happy kids who are having fun.

Board Games

Board games can be a lot of fun – and you can involve plenty of kids. If they get tired of playing the same ones over and over again, let them be creative and make their own. Just borrow dice or a spinner from another game.

Story Time

Forget about reading the same story over and over again. Let the kids create their own. Have everyone contribute to the story – and then hand out paper and markers for everyone to be able to illustrate the story. You can always make copies to give to the other parents at the end.

Dance Party

Ensure the kids are up and moving around from time to time. Plan a dance party and let them know they can invite some of their friends. Turn on the stereo or karaoke machine and let them dance away their winter blues.

Salt Dough

Make up a batch of salt dough using salt, flour, water, and a little oil. It’s just like play dough, except you can bake it. Kids can get creative by making ornaments, figurines, and all sorts of cool things. You can choose to color the dough any color, too, which opens up the possibilities of what they can create.

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