Important Things to Note about Bar & Restaurant Insurance

Owning a bar or restaurant can be very rewarding. These are not only places where people come to take meals, drinks and watch games but also they are places where most of the best memories with families and friends are made.

You may realize that when clients pick the best place to be spending their weekends or holidays, they will stick to it. The best way to appreciate their loyalty is by ensuring that they are protected, and they can feel safe while in your bar or restaurant in Boise, ID.

Fuhriman Insurance Agency provides bar & restaurant owners with numerous policies and also we can assist you to select the best coverage that suits you. Before buying a bar & restaurant insurance policy, there are several things you need to know which include;

The basic policies

Bar & restaurant insurance comes with numerous basic policies, and you will need to choose the one that suits your specific needs.These policies are similar to commercial insurance coverage which includes;

Property coverage – This is to protect the things and inventories that your business own.

Liability – The policy protects your customers and helps you pay for the damages that may occur to them when they are on your business premises.

Workers compensation – It caters for medical benefits and wage replacement if an employee is hurt in the workplace.

Commercial auto insurance – If your business owns vehicles, the coverage is meant to ensure that they are protected.

Things affecting your insurance needs

The type and the premiums you need for your bar & restaurant insurance depends on various factors which include; location, lease requirement, losses history, hours of operation, property type and volume just to mention a few. You should note that if your bar or restaurant leases its space, there are specific insurance requirements expected to meet the lease without violation.

To learn more about bar & restaurant insurance in Boise ID, contact Fuhriman Insurance Agency today. We will help you learn more so that you can make a sound decision before settling on a policy.