Bar fights and your insurance needs

Bar fights and insurance needs probably aren’t the first topics a new bar or restaurant owner think of, but preparation remains vital to business success. No bar or restaurant owner wants to think about a fight breaking out, but drama occurs in even the finest establishments. Proper insurance preparation is key. Every owner needs to understand the legal doctrine of premises liability and obtain premises liability insurance.

Premises Liability

The law considers bar patrons and restaurant goers "invitees." Invitees have the right to remain safe from harm or injury while on the premises. Premises includes the parking lot, alleys, and land on which the establishment sits. The owner "must do everything reasonably possible" to keep patrons safe. Inviting children onto the premises increases the burden of "adequate warning" and protection. Hiring security or bouncers comes under this. If a fight breaks out and a court finds for the patron, the cost to the bar or restaurant can be great. Carrying proper insurance protects the establishment.

No-fault Premises Liability Insurance

Many establishments purchase no-fault premises liability insurance. This insurance pays injury claims of patrons regardless of who was at fault. It does not cover pain and suffering, however. The insurance covers other incident types, as well, like falls and fires. This is a separate policy from the business insurance policy. Carrying this policy helps the business avoid lawsuits by paying for the patron’s injuries regardless of fault.

Boise, ID’s Fuhriman Insurance Agency can help you understand the special insurance needs of a bar or restaurant. We’ll help you determine the policies you need and appropriate coverage amounts for your establishment.You can avoid potential lawsuits through proper insurance. In Boise, ID, Fuhriman Insurance Agency wants to help you keep your business safe and growing.

How to Know if a Worker is an Employee or Independent Contractor

As a business owner in the Boise, ID area, it’s important to know if you are working with an independent contractor or if you have an employee according to the Idaho rules.  The difference can affect your business in a variety of ways.  Idaho State uses a control test to help determine if the working relationship is employee-employer or an independent contractor.  The “Right to Control Test” has four main areas to help guide you through the distinction. 

  • Control by the business.  If the business requires set hours of work, provides training, integrates the worker into the business’s main mode of operation, or has a requirement of reports on a schedule, then it is an employee-employer relationship.  If the worker provides their service to other companies and the general public, it’s likely they are an independent contractor.
  • Method of payment.  If payment is made by regular intervals – hour, week, day, month or other intervals, the relationship is employee-employer.  If the worker could have a profit or loss as a direct result of their service, then they are considered an independent contractor.
  • Necessary equipment.  If the company provides the equipment necessary, then it is seen as an employee-employer relationship.  An independent contractor makes the equipment investment.
  • In an employee-employer relationship, there is an ongoing relationship focused around the work.  If it is not an employee, the relationship can be ended without liability by either party at any time.

A “yes” to any of these items can mean the relationship is employee-employer.  Use the “Right to Control Test” as a guide.

Fuhriman Insurance Agency

The Fuhriman Insurance Agency provides commercial insurance to companies in the Boise, ID area.  Contact a Fuhriman agent today to review your business insurance needs.

Your Car: Is It Covered By Renter’s Insurance?

At Fuhriman Insurance Agency, we have seen just about every kind of problem that could affect a homeowner. One that is sadly common is losing a rented home through a fire, including the vehicles parked in the garage. Will your Boise, ID renter’s insurance policy cover your car?

Sadly, Your Car Is Not Covered

Renter’s insurance will not cover vehicles or cars that are damaged as a result of any circumstance. In fact, most policies will expressly state that they do not cover this kind of damage. While this can be a frustrating situation, it is understandable. It would cost the company too much to pay for your car repairs.

There is one instance, however, in which renter’s insurance may cover your car damage. That is if your car is used to service the residence, rather than being used on the road. This situation can be confusing to understand, though, so it is vital to discuss how it works.

When Renter’s Insurance Covers Your Car

As mentioned above, renter’s insurance will cover your car’s physical damage if the vehicle is used to service the home. This means that the vehicle is used only on the property and to service it. For example, if you live on a piece of rented property and you own a truck that you use to do farm work, then it is likely to be covered by renter’s insurance.

The tricky part of this is that your vehicle cannot be used for any roadworthy purposes. In fact, it can’t even be registered to drive on the road at all. In this instance, your vehicle is considered part of the property and is covered. Otherwise, renter’s insurance does not cover your vehicle.

Covering Your Vehicle And Home

Don’t hesitate to contact us at Fuhriman Insurance Agency today if you live in Boise, ID or in the surrounding area. We will provide you with the high-quality help you need to protect your vehicle and your rented home from serious damage.

What Is Umbrella Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

We live in a litigious society. As a Boise, ID homeowner, having added insurance protection and knowing your personal assets aren’t at risk can bring peace of mind. Just as an umbrella protects you from inclement weather on a rainy day, added umbrella insurance coverage can help you shield your personal assets in the case of a large liability claim. Having umbrella liability protection in place if you are found liable for legal damages that exceed your homeowner or auto insurance can help you avoid financial ruin

Umbrella coverage kicks in when you have reached the limits of your present homeowner or auto policy coverage. If your homeowner policy has $500,000 limit, by purchasing an additional umbrella policy you can cover claims that run higher than $500,000. This protection covers a variety of claims as well as legal defense costs, slander, libel, and defamation of character.

Why Should I Buy an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

The more you own, the more you have to lose, in the event of a large claim. If you have accumulated any type of personal wealth, including, but not limited to, a home, property, or an investment portfolio, you can potentially benefit from an umbrella policy. Check with Fuhriman Insurance Agency to find out if you have assets which need extra protection, or if you may be a target of a large lawsuit.

An umbrella policy may also protect you if you are the type of person whose personal circumstances can make them a target for a lawsuit, such as someone who:

  • Has a swimming pool
  • Owns a large-breed dog
  • Participates in hobbies or sports that could lead to unintentional harm to others, such as auto racing or hunting

The Pros of Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance provides coverage not covered in your homeowner or auto insurance policy. If you have a low tolerance for risk an umbrella policy is an attractive protection method for securing your assets. There are many advantages to having an umbrella insurance policy, including:

  • Your retirement nest egg is protected. A large liability lawsuit could potentially drain your savings and delay your retirement. With umbrella coverage that is less likely to happen.
  • Your family and pets are covered. It is difficult to control the behavior and actions of other members of your family, including pets. In the event that you, other family members or pets cause harm or injury, an umbrella policy will cover those claims.
  • It’s relatively inexpensive. An umbrella policy doesn’t take effect until your primary homeowner and auto policy limits are reached, so coverage rates are generally inexpensive. 
  • Peace of mind. You’ll rest easier knowing that large, unexpected liability claims won’t cost you your savings.

For more information about how to protect your home, family, and assets, call the Boise, ID insurance experts at Fuhriman Insurance Agency today.  


Does Everyone Need Life Insurance?

Does everyone need life insurance, a question that is often asked. The short answer to this question is no. Not everyone needs to have a life insurance policy. For those that live in the Boise, ID area, the agents with Fuhriman Insurance Agency can help.

The reason that not all people need a life insurance policy is that not all people have someone that needs money or that is going to need to be taken care of when they pass. Those that do not have children, do not have family that will inherit a large amount of debt, or that have already paid their final expenses and will not need the policy to pay for them do not benefit much from a life insurance policy.

If you have children however that are either under the age of 18 or that are going to inherit your debt or have to pay for final expenses, you can certainly benefit from a policy. Similarly, if you have family members that are going to inherit your debt or have to pay expenses you may want a policy. Life insurance does not benefit only the friends and family of the deceased, however.

If you take out a policy that has partial payouts in the event of serious injury you may be able to benefit from your death. If you have a desk job that is a low risk you may not want to spend the money each month on a policy that you will likely not use. It is always helpful to have a professional answer any questions that you may have and for those in the Boise ID area, the agents with Fuhriman Insurance Agency can help answer your questions and get your policy sorted out if you truly need and want one.  

Why Commercial Insurance Could Mean Much for Your Business

In today’s business environment, businesses are exposed to numerous potential hazards. This is why you need commercial insurance to protect your business against any unforeseen financial losses. As a business owner in Boise, ID, you should contact Fuhriman Insurance Agency for a commercial insurance quote. At Fuhriman Insurance Agency we are committed to giving you value for your money through our commercial insurance solutions. Here’s why commercial insurance will come in handy for your business. 

Business and commercial liability
If a third party sustains injuries as a result of an accident within your premises, commercial insurance will settle the cost of the claim up to the amount of your policy. This will ensure that your cash flow remains healthy and that your business operations are not interrupted. 
Complying with legal requirements
Federal and state laws require that businesses that deal with the public purchase certain types of insurance covers. This will help the business owner to pick up and continue their operations even when the business goes through a lucky patch. Commercial insurance will protect your assets and help you to stay legal. 
Recovering from loss
Every business is constantly exposed to situations that may result in serious financial loss and loss of assets. In case the business is vandalized, robbed, or natural hazards strike the business, the resultant losses may be catastrophic if the business owner does not have insurance protection. 
Access to loans 
Some of the lenders in the market consider it a high risk to lend to business owners who do not have insurance protection. Such lenders may deny such people loans to expand or boost their businesses; when your business is struggling, and you need a loan, commercial insurance can offer you the lifeline you need.
Once you are ready to protect your business against financial losses that may put you down, kindly contact Fuhriman Insurance Agency. Our services are aimed at helping business owners in Boise, ID to pick up after facing unforeseen hazards that cause financial losses. 

Home Improvements: A Smart Way to Reduce Insurance Costs

Home improvements that make your Boise, ID property a safer environment could work in your favor to reduce home insurance costs. Before renovating your property, talk to a representative from Fuhriman Insurance Agency to see what improvements make you eligible for a discount on your insurance premium. The following home improvements could not only enhance the value of your property but may very well qualify you for a reduction in home insurance costs.

Roof Replacement or Repairs

Roof replacement is a major investment that can pay off in greater protection of your structure and personal belongings. A new roof will keep your home and personal effects safe from a winter storm, hail, wind and rain damage, making it a vital asset to your property. Fortifying your home with a new roof can help lower your insurance costs.

Reinforcements to Home Structure

In like manner, reinforcing your home with new windows and exterior doors and investing in storm shutters will protect you and your family against unlawful entry, theft, and the elements. As these improvements enhance safety, they could make you eligible for a reduction in insurance costs.

Home Security Measures

Home security upgrades such as deadlocks, smoke detectors, and a home alarm system reduce the risk of damage due to fire, theft, and vandalism. These safety measures could help lower your insurance premium.

Plumbing and Electrical Upgrades  

If you own an older home, upgrading its plumbing and electrical system can reduce the risk of water or fire damage due to faulty wiring or worn water pipes. Such home improvements could make you eligible for a discount on your home insurance.

For more information on home improvements that could qualify you for reduced home insurance costs, talk to Fuhriman Insurance Agency in Boise, ID today.  

In Boise, ID, What Are the Minimum Requirements for Auto Insurance?

The agents of Fuhriman Insurance Agency serve residents throughout the Boise, ID area. it is important to know what the state mandated insurance requirements are to be fully protected by the law. Each state requires every vehicle driven on the street to care a minimum amount of auto insurance that will cover damages to property and injuries to parties involved. Idaho, like most other states, has state mandated minimum requirements for auto insurance coverage that all drivers must carry to be legally insured. Drivers who are caught driving without proper insurance are heavily fined and may have their license suspended. 

Individuals who are found to not have the required minimum coverage may face the loss of the driver’s license, state-mandated fines, and in some cases, jail time. Whenever a person’s purchases a new vehicle, it is important to ensure they have the proper type of coverage and in the correct amounts. A person who has had the same policy in place for several years should also have their policy reviewed to make sure they carry the proper amount of insurance. A driver’s age, clean driving record, and other factors will play a role in the type of coverage a person gets and how much it will cost.

Call the agents at Fuhriman Insurance Agency if you live in Boise, ID and are concerned that your current insurance policy may not offer sufficient coverage. The agents will answer your questions and work with you to make sure you have all of the coverage you need to meet or exceed the state’s minimum insurance requirements for automotive insurance. It is important to maintain constant continuous auto coverage on your vehicle to prevent legal action being taken if an accident occurs. 

Benefits of Having a Basement

When building a new home, one of the most important things you will want to consider is whether or not to build a basement. There are so many uses of a basement, which is why it is imperative to consider what you could use one for. Let’s take a quick look at why you should put a basement into the next home you build. 

Easy to heat and cool

Did you know heating and cooling a basement is much more energy and more cost-efficient than heating and cooling the other parts of your home? In fact, some people choose to build a new home in the form of a basement; this type of home is known as a basement home. The heating and cooling of this type of home tend to cost about 20 to 30 percent less than above the ground homes. 

Great way to add space

Adding a basement to your home is also advantageous because you can use it for just about any purpose. Want a space to throw darts? Shoot pool? Need space for an extra bedroom? No matter what you need the space for, you can likely use your basement. Some people even put full kitchens in their basement and rent it out as an apartment; this is a great way to earn extra income. Basements are also considered to be living square footage as long as the walls and floors are finished out; this means a basement increases the value of your home. 

To learn more about putting a basement in your home and the many advantages you will gain, contact Fuhriman Insurance Agency serving the Boise, ID area. 

Personal Factors Impacting Car Insurance Rates

Most insured drivers are unaware that their personal information impacts car insurance rates. Unfortunately, the factors play a role so it is important you about those that are important. The following is a list that details said factors:

Car Year and Model

According to the Insurance Information Institute, auto insurance premiums are partially based on the sticker price of the car, repair costs, likelihood of theft and safety record. The cost to the insurance company for fixing a new high-end sports car will be significantly more than a mid-class sedan which shows in the premium.

Credit Score

Many insurance companies utilize credit scores and an indicator toward at-risk drivers which factors into the final rate. However, this practice is under attack as numerous states have been passing regulations with regards to credit information usage as a factor in setting car insurance rates.

Driving Profile

Although this should be of no surprise, factors like your violations and accident history have a major impact on your insurance rate. In the eyes of the insurance company, the less you drive, the less risk of a claim. This can be improved by consistent, safe driving and no moving violations. Find out more about your driving profile today at Fuhriman Insurance Agency, located in Boise, ID.

Essential Personal Information

Age, gender, and occupation all factor into setting your rates as insurance companies look for patterns of claims. A teenager is more likely to have higher insurance rates than a middle-aged driver since, statistically, teenagers have more accidents than 40-year-olds. Also, your occupation plays are role if it involves a lot of time on the road. Most insurance companies see that more miles put on your car, the higher the risk. Additionally, as a whole, women have fewer accidents than men and less DWI’s. Therefore, women pay less for auto insurance than men.


The location that is registered on your driver’s license can impact the cost of insurance. Urban drivers pay a higher price than those in smaller towns and cities due to higher rates of theft, vandalism, and accidents. For instance, a driver in New York City is going to pay more for insurance than a driver in Boise, ID. Check with Fuhriman Insurance Agency today to determine how much of a difference there is in rates.