Insuring a car for work vs. personal use in Boise ID

When you first contact Fuhriman Insurance Agency looking for a policy that fits your needs, you’re going to have to consider to what extent your car is a personal vehicle, and to what extent you’re using it for work. It’s not always as cut and dry as, say, patrolling as a security guard and driving a car that belongs to the security agency, and trusting that your employers have you covered. If you drive for Uber or deliver pizzas in your personal vehicle, for instance, then you need to make sure that you’re getting a policy that reflects that. Fuhriman Insurance Agency can help Boise, ID drivers to find that policy, but you can’t just start driving professionally and hope that your current policy has you covered.

Some insurance companies won’t cover you at all if you drive for a living, but you are nevertheless going to be looking at personal insurance policies to get coverage for a car that serves as both a personal vehicle and a work vehicle.

Some companies will provide supplemental insurance while you are working for them. Uber, for instance, will offer additional coverage any time the app is actually in use. Many delivery restaurants offer the same deal. However, your employer or the agency you’re working for is not able to offer full coverage in Boise, ID. You need to talk with your insurer, let them know what you do for a living, and make sure that you are covered against all the risks that that entails.

In short, getting your personal car covered for work use is pretty easy for most drivers, but you can’t take it for granted, you have to ask your insurer about getting covered for business use.

Do All Homes Need Home Insurance?

When it comes to insuring your home, it can be difficult to decide if your home needs a policy or not. There are of course legal considerations, but there are also considerations of rebuilding as well. The agents with Fuhriman Insurance Agency in the Boise, ID area can help you get your policy set up and ready to go.

The simple answer to this question is yes, every home needs an insurance policy unless you have the money lying around to rebuild after the home is damaged or destroyed. Most people do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around so making sure you keep up a policy that has enough coverage is going to make a huge difference in how quickly you can rebuild.

Homes that are already paid for are not legally required to have a home insurance policy, but they can still benefit from keeping a policy. As mentioned before, if you do not have a home insurance policy, it is going to be your responsibility to come up with the money to either rebuild or repair or even buy a new home if yours is destroyed or damaged.

For a few hundred dollars a year you can protect your home and make it possible to collect an insurance pay out to rebuild or repair if your home is damaged. Your home is a very important part of your life and protecting it with a home insurance policy is the best way to make sure you always have a place to live and that you can recover if something happens to your home.

If you live in the Boise, ID area, the agents with Fuhriman Insurance Agency can help you find the policy that fits your home each and every time.

3 Reasons Auto Insurance Is Necessary

In Boise, ID, it’s common for people to forget about the importance of their auto insurance. Until you actually need it, it can just seem like another unwanted bill you have to pay. But there are so many reasons to be glad that you have it rather than annoyed, and Fuhriman Insurance Agency can give you a few key points to remember.

1. Your Savings Account Is Never Enough

This particular reason doesn’t just mean that you never seem to have the funds to pay for that new handbag or necklace you want. When an accident happens, you could be deemed responsible for tens of thousands of dollars for both property damage or bodily injury. Almost no one in the world has that type of savings account to cover it all.

2. Keeps the Law at Bay

When you don’t have enough money to cover the damage, you’re subject to legal threats and more. While no one can extract money from that you don’t have, not having car insurance can mean having wages garnished for years or possibly even ending up in jail. No matter how you look at it, you really can’t afford not to have it.

3. You Need Someone to Call

When something happens in Boise, ID, you need to have someone to turn to other than just your family and friends. Fuhriman Insurance Agency can provide much more than just sympathy. The right agency can give you both helpful advice and the crucial financial assistance when you need it most. This type of safety net is truly priceless to those in complicated situations. Call to find out more about how our agency has been helping our clients for years and what we can do to get you the right policy.

Tips for Protecting Your Home for the Winter

Temperatures can drop severely in Boise, ID. You should think about protecting your home for the winter before the weather becomes extremely harsh.

  • Overhanging Trees – Trees that are not trimmed properly can have old branches that weaken when the weather changes. Weak branches can fall on your roof or damage other areas of your home. Make sure these branches are taken care of before winter arrives.
  • Water Heater Temperatures – Lower the temperature of your water heater by 20 degrees. Most heaters usually push hot water at 140 degrees. If you manually decrease the temperature to 120, you could save lots of money as well as reduce wear and tear on your water pipes.
  • Ceiling Fan Direction – During the winter, change your ceiling fan’s direction. Switch it from counterclockwise to clockwise. This will allow the heat, which naturally rises, to be pushed down by the circulation of the fan. Warm air will travel down and help keep your rooms warm. Changing the direction of the ceiling fan is a simple, yet great way to minimize heating costs.
  • Door Locks – Extremely cold weather can contract metal door locks causing the key to freezing inside the locking mechanism. A simple solution is to spray a small amount of lubricant in the lock to prevent freezing.
  • Check Your Policy – Winter begins at the end of the year, so it’s a good time to go over your policy and make sure you’re covered. Understanding your coverage for winter accidents or mishaps will give you peace of mind. It is also a good time to add extra coverage if it is needed.

Boise, ID residents, can have our expert agents helping them with their home insurance policy. We can also offer assistance with new or existing life, health, and auto insurance policies.

5 Ways to Decrease Your Home Insurance Premiums

The cost of homeowners insurance in Boise, ID can vary depending on several factors that may seem out of your control.  While some factors are determined by things you can’t do anything about, such as location, the material your home is made from, or the rates of home insurance in the marketplace, there are things you can change.  Here are 5 ways you can decrease your home insurance premiums.

  • Deductible – Raising your home insurance deductible, the amount you pay towards a loss, can decrease your home insurance up to 25%.  If you put this amount of money in a savings account, you can make money by keeping a higher deductible amount set aside.
  • Security – Improving home security can save up to 5%.  For example, adding smoke detectors to each level of the home, having fire extinguishers in easy access areas, installing burglar alarms, and deadbolt locks will all help.
  • Rebuilding Cost – Don’t confuse the home’s rebuilding costs with how much you paid for your home.  Remember, the land isn’t at risk for damage, so you only need insurance for the cost of rebuilding the home.
  • Good Credit – Maintaining a good credit history can decrease home insurance rates because insurance companies use credit information in determining rates.
  • Loyalty – Using the same insurance company for your insurance needs can make you eligible for up to 15% in discounts depending on what’s insured.

Fuhriman Insurance Agency

If you own a home in the Boise, ID area, you want to work with a community trusted company like the Fuhriman Insurance Agency.  Our independent agents will help you explore your home insurance discount options.  We can also give you helpful suggestions of things you can do to give you more discount opportunities.

Hiring a Contractor to Prep Your Home for Winter Weather

Your house is designed to protect your family throughout the year, but it was also intended to have routine maintenance conducted in order to hold its integrity against the weather. Autumn is always a good time to consider what work may be beneficial toward maintaining your house as a home, simply because summer storms and winter freezes cause different issues which build on each other. Repairing damage from summer storms prepares your house against the upcoming winter weather.

Typically, your insurance isn’t going to cover routine maintenance charges. With that concept in mind, it never hurts to speak to your insurance agent when discussing maintenance or upgrades to your home with a contractor. Your contractor may be able to justify legitimate damage which allows your insurance agent to offset at least part of the cost. The agent, on the other hand, may be able to suggest a minor change in how the job is approached which allows the contractor to bill the insurance company for some or all of the work to be conducted.

Typical winter preparedness includes a few minor tasks such as cleaning the gutters, inspecting your furnace, and assuring your siding and windows are doing their jobs of keeping heat in and cold out. When you hire a contractor to prepare your home for the upcoming winter weather, you should also speak with a representative from Fuhriman Insurance Agency. Even if the repairs aren’t covered by your current policy, the fact you take such great care of your home might be a consideration toward future insurance expenses. Furthermore, preemptive maintenance always pays for itself by preventing more expensive damage which can happen later if the house isn’t prepared against the weather.


How To Determine Coverage For Your Auto Insurance In Boise

Determining coverage for your auto insurance policy in Boise, ID is easier than you might think. It pays to work with an independent insurance agent from Fuhriman Insurance Agency so that your various questions can be answered along the way.

What You Drive

The type of car that you drive in Boise, ID is going to impact the kind of coverage that you may want. When there are more safety features in your car, it may not be necessary for you to have certain types of coverage. Then again if you are financing or leasing your vehicle, you may be required to have certain types of coverage because of what the lien holder wants you to have. This could include adding comprehensive and collision coverage so that there’s more financial protection in place.

Your Past Driving Experiences

If you have been involved in a variety of accidents over the years, you may want to have additional coverage. This is because you are likely to exceed standard coverage for property damage and/or personal injury liability. Your goal should be to have insurance take care of all of the expenses rather than having remaining money to pay out-of-pocket.

One of our independent insurance agents at Fuhriman Insurance Agency will be able to guide you to choosing the best coverage for your policy.

Exploring Coverage

Some coverage is more important than others. You are required to maintain a certain level of liability insurance for the state of Idaho. Additionally, you may want to explore various other options, including:

  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Uninsured
  • PIP
  • Rental car coverage

Not all insurance companies offer the same coverage options, nor do they offer the same level of customer support. This means it’s important to make some comparisons – and one of our agents can help you.




3 Reasons to Rethink Your Home Insurance Policy in Boise

Your home insurance is one of the best measures to save you money, but you probably don’t think of it like that. Savings to you probably means what’s in the bank and how often you forego an expensive purchase. Here are three reasons to start rethinking how you see your insurance policy in Boise, ID, so you can give it the time and attention it deserves. 

1. Your Home Is an Investment 

And likely the best one you’ll ever make. No matter what type of neighborhood you live in, there’s a lot to be said for taking care of what you have. When you buy coverage that extends to protect you against a variety of both natural and man-made events, you’re taking care of the value within. 

2. Consequences Are Severe 

 Just one event could leave you feeling entirely helpless when it comes to your home and what to do about it. If you don’t have hotels near you or a friend to call, it’s generally your insurance policy that can either help or hurt you. This kind of predicament is not something you will want to face alone, so getting comprehensive coverage is really a move to keep yourself from experiencing the worst. 

3. It Pays to Save 

As stated at the beginning, you should really look at home insurance as a way to save. If you can’t cover reconstruction costs or replace the contents of your home without breaking a sweat, then this is the time to look for more coverage. Fuhriman Insurance Agency serves Boise, ID, and can help you determine the next steps, whether you’re looking for a new policy or shopping around for a different one. Give us a call today for more information. 

Little Known Factors that can Increase Home Insurance Premiums

Citizens in Boise, ID need to make sure they are informed when it comes to home insurance premiums. While the location and the size of the home are universal factors that everyone understands, there are several important factors that fly under the radar when calculating home insurance costs. Do not neglect these factors when deciding what additions to add to a home.

First on the list is a trampoline. While kids love trampolines and need the exercise, insurance companies have started raising home insurance rates for homes with trampolines. This is because trampolines lead to thousands of hospital visits every year. People can bounce off of the edge and break bones. Limbs can get trapped in the springs and suffer significant injuries. When hospital visits occur, the insurance company is frequently on the hook for the bills. Therefore, insurance companies have started charging higher premiums for homes with trampolines.

Next, swimming pools can also lead to higher premiums. People commonly run around the pool deck and wind up falling on the edge, sustaining significant injuries that lead to hospital visits. Furthermore, people can drown in the pool. In fact, hundreds of people drown in pools every year. Many of these drownings take place in home pools. All of these are costs the insurance company might have to pay for. Therefore, homeowners with pools wind up paying higher home insurance premiums.

Lastly, even home decks can lead to a higher home insurance rate. People can fall off of the deck and hurt themselves, leading to more hospital visits. Because insurance companies understand the risk with home decks, they will charge higher premiums for homes with decks. Owners can mitigate these costs by adding a railing.

Home insurance rates in Boise, ID are heavily impacted by these little-known factors above. Do not overlook these facets of home insurance when making purchases for home use. An insurance company might decide to charge higher premiums.

Commercial Insurance: What Common Business Items Should be Insured

Besides a physical business building or office space itself, no matter what type of business exists in the marketplace, there is primary property located on-site that is required for a store to function. Generally, this property is used on a daily basis; has a relatively high dollar value associated with it; and is necessary to serve your customers, clients, as well as, you and your employees. Whether you have an online market or bricks-and-mortar store, these operational items usually fall under four categories:

  • Machines
  • Technology devices: desktop and laptop computers, tablets
  • Inventory/Supplies
  • Furniture

To figure out what items in your business should be included under operational business property, just match the applicable work article under one of these categories. The style and brand of these items may vary according to the specific area of business. With this in mind, here is a list of common types of business provisions that fall under these property categories:

  • Machines: fax equipment, copiers, printers, lawn mower, and leaf blowers
  • Inventory: stock items and special order items
  • Technology devices: cash registers, computers, credit card reader, merchant account terminal,
  • Furniture: desks, chairs, tables, lamps

With a list of the business property, you’re ready to insure it against unpredictable risks associated with doing business, such as floods, fires, vandalism, and theft. These unforeseeable circumstances can disrupt your business flow and impact your bottom line dollar, leaving you in dire work straits. Commercial insurance provides coverage for these situations. It helps your business get back up and running by replacing or repairing any such lost or damaged items following an unpredictable occurrence to avoid a long term negative impact to it. At the Fuhriman Insurance Agency, serving Boise, Idaho, you’ll find a menu of commercial insurance coverage to fit your business risk protection needs. So go ahead and insure your business property, it could mean the difference of getting your business back on its feet or shutting the doors permanently.